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You know Pandemic? Now you can STOP the virus in new COVID game

A recently released game puts you in the shoes of the Global Health Organisation trying to stop the pandemic.
You know Pandemic? Now you can STOP the virus in new COVID game

The COVID-19 pandemic keeps causing struggles all around the world, and a game developer is trying to cash in on the hopes of people to make it go away.


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(Picture: Jujubee Games)


Jujubee Games' COVID: The Outbreak is a spin on titles like Plague Inc. Here players are tasked with stopping the spread of the virus by filling the shoes of the Global Health Organisation, instead of being the ones scattering the disease.



According to the game's description by the developers, The Outbreak is made as a conscious effort to illustrate the danger and impact of the Coronavirus. "This lingering disease is a formidable opponent and we all have to be aware that it is going to stay with us for a little while before a vaccine is developed. "

As such, some of the features highlighted in The Outbreak include; handling of misinformation being spread, construction of hospitals and research tents, masses of people breaking quarantine, and even an educational section that can help players understand the importance of isolation measures and how COVID-19 actually operates.

On top of this, Jujubee Games announced that 20% of the proceedings made on GOG from the sales in May and June will go to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and more charities fighting the current pandemic.

This isn't the first game to take a crack at virtually dealing with the Coronavirus. Plague Inc came up with a new game mode in which players are tasked with preventing and the developers, Ndemic Creations, even donated $250,000 to support endeavours looking to stop COVID.



Looking at the gameplay, it seems there was a lot of effort poured into the real-strategy game rather than it just being a quick cash grab. You can get COVID: The Outbreak on both GOG and Steam.