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Your daily dose of the latest and greatest gaming news! Every day join the GINX crew for everything you need to know in the world of video games and esports, as well as the latest in the wider world of gaming culture.

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Season 02

Episode 1
Oh God, the Live Action Naruto is Actually Happening...
Episode 3
You Can Now Literally SMELL Your Games
Episode 5
EA Kills Off Star Wars FPS
Episode 6
Halo's Iconic Composer is Running For Congress...
Episode 7
THIS is Meant To Save Suicide Squad?
Episode 8
Warner Bros DOUBLE DOWN on Live Service Games
Episode 9
Beware Pokemon, Palworld Was Only The Beginning...
Episode 10
Saying Goodbye to the Legendary Akira Toriyama
Episode 11
The New Mario Movie ISN'T a Sequel...
Episode 12
These Character Creations are UNHINGED
Episode 13
Old School Call of Duty Zombies is BACK
Episode 14
Google's New Gaming AI Companion is FREAKY
Episode 15
How Can A Star Wars Game Be This Bad?
Episode 16
The Most Insane Hack Esports Has Ever Seen
Episode 17
Super Mario 64 Speed Runner Smashes Record by 26 HOURS
Episode 18
Are FREE Heroes Enough to Save Overwatch 2?
Episode 19
The Riot MMO Gets Some AWFUL News
Episode 20
RIP, Baldur's Gate 4
Episode 21
The New Dragon Ball Theme Park... In Saudi Arabia?
Episode 22
The Ark Animated Show is too WOKE, apparently
Episode 23
Overwatch 2 but with Marvel Superheroes
Episode 25
The Best Gaming April Fool's of 2024
Episode 26
Hope Is Alive For Warcraft Cinematic Universe
Episode 27
The $1 BILLION Esports Island
Episode 29
Mario Players Are a Different Breed
Episode 30
Watch The New Fallout TV Series on Twitch?
Episode 31
The Forgotten MMO Raking in $2 BILLION
Episode 33
Now Ubisoft Are Stealing Your Games
Episode 34
Sad News for Fallout: London
Episode 35
The ACTUAL Price for Star Wars Outlaws... Ouch
Episode 36
Bad News, Baldur's Gate 4 is Coming
Episode 37
World of Warcraft Just Refuses to Die
Episode 39
The Embracer Rebrand Leaves Tolkien Rolling
Episode 41
Unpacking the Fortnite Emotes Drama
Episode 43
Garry's Mod Will Never Be The Same
Episode 44
Stellar Blade's Target Audience is RAGING
Episode 46
Roblox is a Dystopian Nightmare
Episode 49
What Were Sony Thinking?!
Episode 50
Microsoft is Butchering Bethesda
Episode 53
Overwatch 2 Clone Bans Calling it an Overwatch 2 Clone
Episode 55
Amazon's Tomb Raider TV Show Might Actually be Good
Episode 58
Microsoft's INSANE Gamble On Call of Duty
Episode 60
IGN Will Soon Control Everything (But Not Us)

Season 01