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Warframe: How To Check the Earth's Day and Night Cycle

Here's how you can check and track the Earth's day and night cycle in Warframe.
Warframe: How To Check the Earth's Day and Night Cycle
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Warframe features a dynamic day and night cycle for all its planets. Naturally, they function independently, which means it could be daytime on Earth and nighttime (Fass) on Cambion Drift. 

Interestingly, the dynamic cycle isn't just for visual purposes. It has gameplay implications as well. Some high-level enemies only spawn at night, whereas some resources can only be obtained in day time. Additionally, some activities are only available at certain points of the day. Knowing what time it is on Earth could make things more convenient, especially if you're looking to farm something particular like Apothics.

Sadly, the game doesn't explicitly tell what time it is currently on Earth, which makes pursuing certain activities or resources a chore. Hence we have curated this guide, which explains how to check the Earth's day and night cycle in Warframe. 

How to check Earth's day and night cycle in Warframe

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You can use third-party apps to check whether it's day or night in a particular region. (Picture: Shreyansh/DigitalExtremes)

You can check the Earth's day and night cycle in Warframe by using third-party apps and websites like Warframe Companion or Warframe Hub

In the Warframe Companion app, head to the Activities tab and World Cycles. Here you can find whether it's currently day or night on Earth, Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis, and Cambion Drift. 

On the Warframe Hub website, look for the Cycle Timers section in the upper left corner. Here, you can find the day of time for all regions, alongside other details like the Daily Reset time, Anomalies, Steel Path, the current Dark Sector, Baro Ki'Teer's location, and more. 

As of this writing, these are the only ways to track the day and night cycle of all regions in Warframe. The Earth's day and night cycle resets every four hours. Additionally, it turns to day at the daily reset time.