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Warframe Cross Platform Save Finally Open To All

But at what cost?
Warframe Cross Platform Save Finally Open To All
Digital Extremes

Warframe's highly requested feature cross-save progression is finally available to all, at least for now. Digital Extremes' community director, Megan Everett, recently confirmed via Warframe forums that the cross-save feature will go live for everyone on 22 December from 8 am ET to 5 pm ET, giving devs one last day before the holidays to monitor the issue and act accordingly. After this, the cross-save won't be available until the DE team returns in January. 

For those unaware, DE started rolling out Warframe's cross-save feature to founders and Prime Access users earlier this month, which severely impacted the stability of the game's database, causing some players (who brought Prime Access to test out the feature) to lose all their progress. Suffice it to say, fans aren't pleased with how the rollout has been so far.


The studio has acknowledged how frustrating this entire situation has been for players. Here's what Everett had to say about the ongoing stress test and why the cross-save feature won't be properly available until at least January 2024.

"We recognize that some Tenno may have to wait to experience Cross Platform Save until 2024, and for that, we apologize. In full transparency, we cannot risk the game's and database's stability over the holiday break by leaving Cross Platform Save enabled for all. The database surges we already see are manageable, but we do not want to risk the unknown of leaving it enabled while no hands are around for immediate emergencies."

In other news, DE released the excellent Whispers in the Walls cinematic quest that adds a new Qorvex Warframe, Grimoire weapon, and plenty more stuff for players to unlock.