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Everything Announced in Warframe Devstream 173

Here are all the major updates from Warframe Devstream 173.
Everything Announced in Warframe Devstream 173
Digital Extremes

The much anticipated Warframe Devstream 173 has concluded, and it had plenty of juicy details to offer on all things coming to Warframe in the coming months. From a more substantial look at Abyss of Dagath, the reveal of the next Prime Warframe, detailing a plethora of quality-of-life changes, as well as a surprise update on Soulframe, the latest Devstream had no shortage of things.

If you missed the Warframe Devstream 173 or need a recap on all the new bells and whistles, you're in the right place. Here are all the major updates from the Warframe Devstream 173. 

Abyss of Dagath Release Date Revealed


Warframe's Halloween update, Abyss of Dagath, finally has a release date. The haunting new chapter arrives on 18 October 2023 with a new spooky frame Dagath, new quests, and plenty of quality-of-life changes. 

Dagath Warframe Weapon and Abilities Revealed

The Devstream also revealed more details about Dagath, the game's 54th Warframe. Dagath wields a hybrid of a sword and whip called Dorrlave. In addition to this, she can conjure deadly spectral sicks and shoot cursed elemental energy from her head. On top of all that, Dagath can summon Rakhali’s Cavalry, which consists of five ghostly steeds that deal massive damage. 

Grendel Prime Warframe Revealed


If you have been patiently waiting for the next Prime Warframe, then we have good news for you. Digital Extremes has revealed the next Prime Warframe, and he's none other than the insatiable Grendel. Grendel Prime comes with additional equipment slots and a new rare Prime tech weapon. 

Hydroid Warframe Rework Outlined


At TennoCon 2023, Digital Extremes announced its plan to overhaul the Hydroid Warframe. Now, the studio has revealed all the changes coming to Hydroid with the Abyss of Dagath update. 

According to the press release, Hydroid's rework includes "new passive, status effect triggers, removal of non-synergistic gameplay tuning, and overall changes to his base kit. The Undertow skill is also being replaced with Plunder, which you can use to steal enemy armor and corrosive damage for Hydroid's weapon. 

Companion Rework Outlined


Companions are also getting the much-requested change in the Abyss of Dagath update. Once the update arrives, your endearing companion will never die in combat. Instead, it will be temporarily knocked out when its health reaches zero. In addition to this new change, Digital Extremes has confirmed companions will have approximately 50% more health from now on. New companion mods will also be arriving with this update. 

New Soulframe Music and Discord Channel Launched


The Soulframe team joined the devstream to acknowledge the warm reception it received at TennoCon 2023. Soulframe is still pretty far from releasing, but the studio has now officially launched its Discord Channel, where you can keep up to date with everything related to the game and interact with its growing community. Additionally, the Torment Stag boss fight music track Rivers Of Dendria from the TennoCon gameplay is now available for you to check out on the game's YouTube channel.

Quest to Conquer Cancer Community Event Announced


The Quest to Conquer Cancer event returns on 2 October 2023 with a month-long campaign to raise funds for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in Toronto. You can donate to unlock the new Conquera Leg Armor and other in-game items. The community reward includes a new Pink colored UI, which looks absolutely beautiful. 

That's all the major updates from the Warframe Devstream 173.