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Warframe: How To Quickly Farm Credits (2023)

Here are some of the best ways to farm Credits quickly in Warframe.
Warframe: How To Quickly Farm Credits (2023)
Digital Extremes

Credits are the primary currency in Warframe. You can use these to purchase new blueprints & weapons, upgrade mods, and pretty much every other thing that could make your character powerful. You get a handful of Credits for completing story missions, but these are insufficient in the grand scheme of things. 
Thankfully, there are several ways to farm Credits in the game. Some methods are quicker yet risky, whereas others are slower but steadier. This guide covers all the prominent ways to quickly farm Credits in Warframe. 

Best Ways to Farm Credits in Warframe (2023)

credits warframe
Credits are the primary Currency in Warframe. (Picture: Shreyansh/DigialExtremes)

As mentioned previously, there are several ways to farm Credits in Warframe. Naturally, your approach would vary depending on whether you're a beginner, a returning player, or a Warframe veteran.

If you're just starting up, Dark Sectors are a great way to garner Credits. Think of them as Destiny 2's Lost Sectors, which could take 5-10 minutes to finish. These could get you 15,000 Credits easily, if not more, in a single run, which is significantly more than what you get from completing a story mission. Among all Dark Sectors, Gabii and Seimeni are the best for farming Credits, so don't sleep on those. 

Once you have built your Railjack, you can pursue Railjack missions, which are a surprisingly good source of Credits. A single run could get you 100,000 Credits. However, these are challenging encounters, and unless you have a solid build or a group of friends to help you out, you may find yourself struggling. 

credits warframe
You need Credits to purchase pretty much everything in Warframe. (Picture: Digital Extremes)

Another way to farm Credits in Warframe is by hunting the Profit-Taker. It's one of the Grand Bosses, which you can find in the Orb Vallis. If you have a solid endgame build, you could take out the Profit-Taker in just a matter of minutes for 125,000 Credits. 

Finally, one of the quickest ways to earn Credits is via the Index. It's the high-risk, high-reward method where you invest Credits, complete a few objectives in a time constraint environment, and walk out with more Credits than you walked in with. Pretty easy, right? It isn't because to win, you need a high DPS Warframe and equally powerful teammates that could get the job done in time. Additionally, to start the Index, you need at least 30,000 Credits. Thankfully, a single run of the Index could you a million Credits, if not more, so when you're ready, it could be worth the risk.

You can also get bonus Credits from each of these activities by using Credit Boosters. These can significantly boost the Credit you gain, so if you have them sitting in your inventory, don't forget to use them when farming Credits in the game.

That concludes our guide on how to get Credits in Warframe.