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Warframe: How To Get Free Platinum

Here's the best way to get Platinum for free in Warframe.
Warframe: How To Get Free Platinum
Digital Extremes

Platinum is the premium currency of Warframe. You can use it to purchase a plethora of unique items from the game's items shop, such as new cosmetics, Warframes, and more. 

As you would expect, Platinum isn't easy to obtain in Warframe, at least not without spending real money, but more on that later. However, there are plenty of ways to farm this valuable resource in the game, and this guide gives an overview of quite possibly the best way to get it. 

Best Way to Get Free Platinum in Warframe 


The best way to earn Platinum in Warframe is by trading with other players. Most MMOs feature the option to trade with other players for currencies, and resources, and Warframe is no different in this regard. If anything, it's one of the most seamless ones. 

To trade with other players, go to any Clan Dojo and interact with the trading post. It will show up a list of players that are available to trade. Click on the trade option and wait for the other party to accept the request. You could also you the trade chat option on the lower left side of the screen. 

Now, the big question is, what items could you trade to get heaps of Platinum in Warframe? The answer is Prime gear. Prime Warframes, weapons, accessories, companions, pretty much everything. Prime is the top-tier gear in the game. Prime Warframes have the best-looking skins, deal the most damage, and have additional polarity slots. Naturally, they are in demand and can get you a substantial amount of Platinum by trading. 

To get Prime gear, you have to complete Void Fissure missions, which, in itself, requires Void Relics to access. The entire thing could take a few hours, so get ready to grind. It should be worth it because Prime gear is always in demand. 

What to do with Platinum in Warframe?

warframe platinum
There are plenty of tantalizing goods on sale in the item shop. (Picture: Shreyansh/DigitalExtremes)

Once you have garnered Platinum in Warframe, what should you do with it? There are plenty of things you can buy from this sweet currency, like new tantalizing weapons and Prime Warframes. However, we recommend getting Warframe and weapon slots. It's because Warframes are still relatively easy to farm, and sooner than later, you will have a plethora of them in your arsenal. However, you will quickly find yourself in a bit of a tricky situation if you don't increase inventory slots for these.

You can get 1 Warframe slot for 20 Platinum. Since there's an overwhelming number of Warframes to collect and use in the game, it's best to start expanding their slots as soon as possible. 

Can you Buy Platinum With Real Money in Warframe?

Platinum is the only currency you can buy from real money. (Picture: Shreyansh/DigitalExtremes)

If it wasn't obvious, yes, you can buy Platinum with real money in Warframe. In fact, it's the only currency you can get by spending real money, which makes it the game's premium currency. 

Here are all the Platinum bundles you can buy in Warframe:

No. of Platinum Price
75 $4.99/£4.99
170 $9.99/£9.99
370 $19.99/£19.99
1000 + Rare Mod $49.99/£49.99
2100 + Dual Rare Mods $99.99/£99.99
4300 + Triple Rare Mods $199.99/£199.99