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How To Unlock The Steel Path In Warframe

Here's how to unlock the Steel Path in Warframe.
How To Unlock The Steel Path In Warframe
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The Steel Path in Warframe is a higher-difficulty game mode that serves as end-game content for veteran players. Accessing it isn't as simple as going to the settings and changing the difficulty option.

If you're looking for a more challenging experience in Warframe and are curious to try the Steel Path, you're in the right place. Here's our guide, which explains how to unlock the Steel Path in Warframe. 

How To Access The Steel Path Difficulty In Warframe

You can unlock the Steel Path difficulty in Warframe by completing all the Nodes in the Star Chart, except the Assassination missions — Mutalist Alad V and Jordas Golem. It goes without saying, but you also don't have to finish the Duviri Paradox since it's a different game mode altogether. 

Once you have cleared all the nodes on the Star Chart, talk to Teshin at any Relay and select the Steel Path option. Next, open up the Navigation screen, and you will find an option to switch between the normal and Steel Path modes. 

All Steel Path Modifiers In Warframe

The Steel Path increases the enemy's level by 100. In addition to this, expect the following modifiers: 

  • Enemy Health 250%
  • Enemy Shield 250%
  • Enemy Armor 250%
  • Resource Drop Chance +100%
  • Mod Drop Chance +100%

All Steel Path Rewards In Warframe


Steel Path is a great way to farm Weapon Arcanes. These are special items that provide passive buffs to weapons. Steel Path also adds a new enemy type called Acolytes. These Acolytes have a 100% chance to drop Weapon Arcanes, so don't sleep on those. 

In addition to these, completing Steel Path missions will get you Steel Essence. You can use them in the Steel Path Honors shop (accessed via Teshin) to buy valuable resources, Arcane adapters, Warframe blueprints, and more.