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How To Join A Clan In Warframe

Here's how to join a clan in Warframe.
How To Join A Clan In Warframe
Digital Extremes / Shreyansh

If your space-faring adventures in Warframe have become too lonesome, you may want to join a clan. Like in most MMOs and live-service titles, a Clan in Warframe is a home base where you can interact with other players, go on missions together, trade items, or acquire Clan-exclusive weapons and gears. Simply put, there are plenty of benefits of having a home away from home in one of the many clans in Warframe. 

You can either join one of the hundreds of Clans currently available in the game or create one of your own. Both have their benefits, and both have a few prerequisites you must fulfill before you can be a part of it. In this guide, we explain how to join a clan in Warframe and how to create one of your own. 

How To Join A Clan In Warframe

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Craft the Clan Dojo key at the Foundry to gain access to the Dojo room. (Picture: Shreyansh / Digital Extremes)

You can join a clan in Warframe by clicking on the Communication tab in the menu and selecting the Clan option. You can manually search for a clan or join one of the recommended ones. There's also an option to filter choices in case you're looking for something particular, like a newcomer-friendly or English-only clan. 

Once you have selected a clan, write a note and send an invite. Do keep in mind that every clan has its own needs and requirements. For instance, one may require its members to log in daily or have a certain Mastery Rank. Either way, you should be able to find a clan of your choice.

Why You Should Join A Clan in Warframe?

Joining a clan in Warframe has plenty of benefits. You can visit your Clan's Dojo to interact with other players, trade Warframe blueprints, upgrade your Railjack, set up a shop, and more. While it's not necessary to join a clan, being part of one makes Warframe a more wholesome experience. 

How To Start Your Clan In Warframe

656f47a8a52ac-Screenshot _341_.png
Creating your own clan in Warframe is quite simple. (Picture: Shreyansh / Digital Extremes)

If joining someone else's clan seems like a daunting task, you can always create your own and become the Founding Warlord. Simply head to the Clan section, and you will find the option to create your clan.

Before you can access your Clan's Dojo, the hubspace for your clan, you need to forge a Clan Dojo key. You can find the blueprint for the Clan Dojo key in your inventory. Just go to the Foundry and craft it. Crafting a Clan Dojo key will take 12 hours in real-time, though you can speed up the process by coughing up Platinum. Once you have your Clan's Dojo key, you can visit it and start customizing and decorating it to your liking.