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Warframe: How To Get Umbra Forma (2023)

Here's how to get Umbra Forma in Warframe.
Warframe: How To Get Umbra Forma (2023)
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Like most notable live-service games, Warframe features an overwhelming number of gameplay mechanics and elements that takes a while to get used to. Most of these elements boil down to farming various resources to make your build more powerful. 

Umbra Forma is one such valuable resource in Warframe, which can tweak the mod slot of your equipment and eventually make them more powerful. This resource becomes especially important as you creep toward the endgame. As such, here's our guide, which explains how to get Umbra Forma in Warframe. 

How to farm Umbra Forma in Warframe (2023)

umbra forma
Umbra Forma is an endgame resource. (Picture: Youtube - Pupsker)

You can get Umbra Forma by reaching Mastery Rank 30. Upon doing so, you get 3 Umbra Forma, which should be enough to get going. 

There are other ways to acquire Umbra Forma as well, such as by making progress in the Nightwave. It's basically Warframe's Battle Pass. Fortunately, you can get a bunch of Umbra Forma via this though it isn't the most efficient way to farm this resource. 

nightwave warframe
Nightwave is one of the few sources of Umbra Forma. (Picture: Youtube - Pupsker)

The best way to get Umbra Forma is via crafting. However, to do so, you must acquire the Umbra Forma blueprint from the Steel Path Honors Shop. It will cost you 150 Steel Essence. Unfortunately, it's not always available in the shop, so take a peek every now and then. 

To craft an Umbra Forma, you will need the following materials:

  • 1 Forma
  • 35,000 Credits
  • 500 Kuva
  • 1100 Nano Spores
  • Warframe Neurode

As you can see, farming these items may take a while, but it should be worth it because Umbral Forma is basically an endgame resource. Using Umbral Forma on a weapon or Warframe will also reset their Affinity to zero, and you won't be able to use more Umbral Forma on them until their Affinity is 30 again.  

For a more visual explanation, you may want to check Pupsker's Youtube video on the same. 

That concludes our guide on how to get Umbral Forma in Warframe.