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WWE 2K23 Update 1.21 Mod Block Signals WWE 2K24 Plans

WWE 2K23 Update 1.21 has brought a surprising change cracking down on modders that could signal plans for WWE 2K24.
WWE 2K23 Update 1.21 Mod Block Signals WWE 2K24 Plans
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Many players are already turning their attention towards the eventual arrival of WWE 2K24, but the latest WWE 2K23 update might bring signs of significant changes. Released with little fanfare, WWE 2K23 Update 1.21 has already been identified by creators as implementing a major mod block on the game.

With a franchise that leans so heavily on content creators and regular streams of new content even outside of the game's player peak around launch, this WWE 2K23 change could have lingering impacts on the next release. We'll take a look at what's known about the change and why WWE 2K24 could be due for a MyFACTION upgrade.

WWE 2K23 Update 1.21 Cracks Down on Modding

WWE 2K23 Update 1.21 Mod Block

While WWE 2K23 Update 1.21 deployed quietly and without incident for some players, it has created a whole world of problems for the creator community and modders. The WWE 2K franchise has one of the best community creations platforms across gaming, but certain ways it's being utilized have apparently become an issue for 2K.

According to content creator and modder WhatsTheStatus, the update deployed a mod blocker that impacts all creations moving forward. So far, creations uploaded or downloaded prior to the mod blocker's implementation appear to be working as before.

However, the mod block so far seems to prevent any edits to in-game superstars, modified hair or arenas, and in general blocks mods of any kind from being installed. However, WhatsTheStatus did identify a potential culprit and reason behind this shift.

WWE 2K23 introduced the MyFACTION mode, their own version of the card-collecting MyTEAM mode that NBA 2K24 has, and certain alternate versions of superstars are locked behind that mode. While built into the game, there are multiple models gated to MyFACTION that are only available if you obtain their card in that mode.

As of now, there's no way to use any of those characters outside of MyFACTION even if you have acquired their card. WhatsTheStatus was just one of several creators that used mods to access hidden models and upload versions of them to Community Creations. 

WhatsTheStatus and other modders are looking for ways to get around the new blocks, but the move by 2K has already been an unpopular one. 2K has not commented on the situation or confirmed this move, and no patch notes have been released since August 2023.

What could the mod block mean for WWE 2K24?

WWE 2K24

Unfortunately, modders may have a tougher time when WWE 2K24 arrives. While it appears so far that creations in WWE 2K23 that already exist on the Community Creations platform have been grandfathered in following this change, but if reliable ways around the block aren't found it could significantly impact a chunk of the creator community.

This also could be a signal that MyFACTION is due for a big focus in WWE 2K24. The version of the mode presented in WWE 2K23 has been decent, but a lack of online functionality made it feel more like a test run for finding out what this kind of mode would look like in a WWE game.

As such, we'll likely see a larger focus on MyFACTION and a seasons mechanic in WWE 2K24 that ties limited release models to MyFACTION. While a bit more of a longshot, this also could be a sign WWE 2K24 will make models acquired in MyFACTION playable elsewhere in the game as this could incentivize players to play MyFACTION.

Of course, the big reason for this push will be a desire to increase profit from microtransactions. If players feel the need to keep buying packs to get the one character they want to use, it could become a big financial win 2K.