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Post Malone brings five musical legends with him in WWE 2K24 DLC

The next WWE 2K24 DLC featuring Post Malone is packed with five additional icons.
Post Malone brings five musical legends with him in WWE 2K24 DLC
WWE Games/2K

It's almost time for the second post-launch WWE 2K24 DLC pack to arrive, and this time it's 10-time Billboard Music Award winner Post Malone leading the charge. It's apparently one of the perks of being a soundtrack producer for this franchise. The WWE 2K24 Post Malone & Friends Pack is set to release next week, and we'll go over each of the musical icons that'll join the roster.

WWE 2K24 Post Malone & Friends DLC is almost here


Before the game even arrived, 2K confirmed that there will eventually be five different WWE 2K24 DLC packs featuring new additions to the already expansive roster. The ECW Punk Pack featuring extreme legends like CM Punk, Sandman, Terry Funk, and D-Von Dudley dropped last month, and the next group is set to be released on June 26, 2024. 

Post Malone is obviously the headliner, and it marks the third consecutive year that the WWE 2K soundtrack producer is featured as a playable character. WWE 2K22 included Machine Gun Kelly on the roster, and then WWE 2K23 had the soundtrack produced by John Cena who may have had a few versions in last year's game. Malone is one of six new roster members, and the rest are perfectly fitting of his musical talents.

Sensational Sherri

Perhaps no song in the mid-90s became more memorable and ingrained in the minds of wrestling fans than Shawn Michaels' theme "Sexy Boy." When the music debuted, it was sang by Shawn's then manager Sensational Sherri. Years later, when Shawn Michaels was feuding with Kurt Angle in the buildup to WrestleMania 21, Sherri lent her musical talents once again singing an altered "Sexy Kurt" version of the song on SmackDown. Perhaps the most exciting detail is that Sherri is not listed as a manager in this case, so she should be playable as a wrestler in WWE 2K24. Despite mostly being known for her work as a manager, Sherri was so successful as a wrestler in the 1980s that she became a 3-time AWA World Women's Champion and once captured the WWF Women's Chamionship.

Honky Tonk Man

He's got long sideburns. His hair slicked back. He's comin' to your town in his pink cadillac. It might be too much to expect Honky Tonk Man to get his proper pink cadillac entrance, but he'll definitely be part of the WWE 2K24 roster when this DLC drops. A multi-time champion in the World Wrestling Federation throughout the 1980s, Honky Tonk Man's Elvis impersonator styled gimmick took things up a notch when he did the vocals for his own new theme song in 1987. While his Intercontinental Championship reign record may have been broken by Gunther, he'll pick a mean guitar and might wear blue suede shoes in WWE 2K24.

Jimmy Hart

From the '80s into the '90s, few wrestling managers were better at their job than "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart. An absolute icon of the industry, Jimmy Hart will become usable as a manager once this WWE 2K24 DLC deploys. Jimmy Hart also used to be a lead singer in The Gentrys, who are most known for their 1965 hit "Keep On Dancing" which reached fourth on the Billboard Hot 100. He went on to write nearly two dozen entrance themes for WWE superstars and over a hundred for the big boys and girls of WCW, most notably the aforementioned "Sexy Boy," all of Honky Tonk Man's hits, DDP's Self High Five, the nWo Wolfpac theme, and the "Common Man Boogie" used by Dusty Rhodes.

The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher)

Okay, maybe this is where the musical legends descriptor starts to get paper thin. While they don't have the same singing chops as the rest of this DLC, Mosh and Thrasher represented an entire music subculture with their wrestling gimmicks. The duo started working in Smokey Mountain Wrestling as The Headbangers, a pair of metalheads with every hallmark of the early 1990s scene from piercings and face paint to shaved heads and skirts. Their slogan became "real men wear skirts," and the success of Mosh and Thrasher eventually brought them to WWE where they once captured the WWF Tag Team Titles. Thrasher also snagged a single WWF Hardcore Championship reign. On June 26, they'll join the rest of Post Malone & Friends on the WWE 2K24 roster.