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Everwild Xbox Showcase Gameplay Reveal Countdown

Everwild was first announced in 2019, but will we see more of it at the Xbox Bethesda Showcase?
Everwild Xbox Showcase Gameplay Reveal Countdown

The Xbox & Bethesda showcase is fast approaching but will Rare finally make an appearance to show off Everwild, their newest title? Or will we have to wait another year to see anything from the game?

Everwild Gameplay Countdown

Xbox Bethesda Showcase Countdown

Is Everwild Coming Anytime Soon?

According to reports from VGC, the game has undergone a complete reboot in the time it was being developed, with the development team optimistically targeting a 2024 release date. This could have changed since it was first reported in 2021, though. We could be looking at a 2025 release date, but hopefully, we get confirmation on when to expect the game during the showcase.

Recently, Andy Robinson of VGC has said that he's heard the game is more similar to Viva Pinata than a survival game, which is what the original trailers seemed to suggest. We've really seen nothing from the game so far, and everything that we HAVE seen seems to indicate two very different games. Some of the trailers look like a survival game, some look like a God game (where you control everything) and some look like a combat-less exploration title.