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Are Xbox servers are down? Users report login issues on September 15 2021

Microsoft has not declared anything official but the community is outraged as there are massive issues and errors, from the login to online services within games.
Are Xbox servers are down? Users report login issues on September 15 2021

What started as a tranquil and upbeat day has become a middle-of-the-week nightmare for the Microsoft team as the Xbox community has encountered endless errors throughout the day.

The first reported issue was specifically with NBA 2K22 on the next-gen consoles as ballers were having issues with online matchmaking and results, but it seems that everything went south after that.

Hours later, after the troubleshooting performed that Microsoft Support recommended consoles started to restart the issue started to worsen as the 0x87DD0003 error code appeared on the screen. 

Xbox error code 0x87DD0003 issue

Xbox Log In error
The error core 0x87DD0003 is not often linked to a general issue but the volume of affected gamers tell otherwise. (Picture: Microsoft Support)

We will not pretend that everyone is a living error code glossary so what that error message means is that there are issues with login into your Xbox account.

A couple of years back that would only mean that online play was out of the question but with the digital revolution of videogames even the most basic apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+ require a login from any account.

This, of course, presented a much bigger issue as most gamers, even those who did not even have the NBA 2K issue, to begin with, now are stuck with an Xbox that cannot play anything.

Xbox Servers Down Twitter
The community was quick to report this through social media. (Picture: Twitter)

As expected from a generally vocal community, the angry rants and desperate begs have flooded social media in an attempt to figure out the next steps to try and salvage the rest of a gaming day.

Although this has not pushed Xbox Support or even Microsoft to release an official statement of the situation or at least offer a timeline to find a solution to the massive issue.

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Cover image courtesy of Microsoft