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7 Days To Die Alpha 22: Release Date Speculation And Confirmed New Features

In this guide, we explore the possible release date, features, content, and more of the highly anticipated 7 Days to Die Alpha 22 build.
7 Days To Die Alpha 22: Release Date Speculation And Confirmed New Features

7 Days To Die has excitingly just released it's Alpha 21 public experimental build to all players. This brought tons of changes to the already popular zombie survival sandbox video game, but with the release of Alpha 21, we were given a super exciting glimpse of the future, or more specifically, a glimpse of Alpha 22. So if you're curious to know what we've been told so far regarding Alpha 22 and the details surrounding it, then look no further. This guide will break down all the prospective news that we have relating to 7 Days To Die's Alpha 22 build, including a possible release date, features, content, and much more. 

18 September 2023 - Page updated with the latest news, leaks and information.

7 Days To Die Alpha 22 Build Release Date
Alpha 22 will likely be released sometime in late 2024 based on the previous build's release cycles. (Picture: The Fun Pimps)

7 Days To Die Alpha 22 Latest News

Just below we'll keep you updated on the latest news, leaks, and announcements related to 7 Days To Die Alpha 22:

15 September 2023 - New Features Shown Off

The developers have given fans another tease on Twitter with a look at some of the new  Player Characters variants and Armor Clothing Sets coming to Alpha 22 and Console.

30 August 2023 - Here's some new Marauder Armor
29 August 2023 - A few new Undead varients
18 August 2023 - The Marauder has some new armor
2 August 2023 - Another look at some new A22 content

It also sounds an awful lot like the developers are putting a lot of work into A22 having just released A21. We wonder if it might be coming much sooner than most fans might expect. It also sounds as if A22 will launch alongside the 7 Days To Die console port.

31 July 2023 - New 4x4 Vehicle

7 Days To Die Alpha 22 Suspected Release Date

As it currently stands, we have almost no clues as to the possible or even speculated release date for the Alpha 22 build of 7 Days to Die. However, we can make some assumptions based on the release cycle moving from Alpha 20 into Alpha 21. 

The first announcement we received for Alpha 21 was roughly 18 months ago, and we were slowly drip-fed information from developer Tweets and Developer stream announcements. This kept going until its eventual release on the 12th of June, so if we had to take a stab in the dark, we reckon the Alpha 22 build is a year and a half out at best. 

Given that we got our first glimpse at the Alpha 22 build in a recent developer stream on the 7th of June, we reckon the release of Alpha 22 could be around November or December 2024 (18 months later). Of course, this is just speculation, but it makes the most sense given the time frame that these builds were released, but as always, be sure to check back here frequently for more official information on the release date of Alpha 22.

7 Days To Die Alpha 22 Features and Content

Now we get to the meat of this article, the content and features coming to the game with Alpha 22. As mentioned previously, during the recent Alpha 21 dev stream, we were given a sneak peek at what we can expect from Alpha 22, though not confirmed, it is a good benchmark for the future of 7 Days to Die.

New Character and Item Models

One of the most exciting and begged-for features in 7 Days to Die is a new character model. For quite some time now, players have been highlighting how out of date and bad the current models look, but luckily, during the live stream, we got a glimpse of a possible new model with more detailed characteristics and human-like features.

7 Days To Die Alpha 22 Build Features Character Models
Character models may finally get updates in Alpha 22 to many fans' relief. (Picture: YouTube / Mr. Reach)

This new character model will be available for both male and female characters and of course in a variety of skin tones and physiques. This extends to the look at new items in the game as well, as we were shown some examples of new models for crafting stations, writeable storage crates, and event notes and notepads throughout the world, which will likely see some changes as they are developed, but we're glad these items will be getting refreshed in Alpha 22. 

7 Days To Die Alpha 22 Build Features World Item reskins
World items and workstations will also be getting reskins and overhauls. (Picture: YouTube / Mr. Reach)

New Gear Items And Outfits

The real highlight of what we know so far are the three new character outfits/set pieces introduced in this live stream, the Wasteland Assassin, the Hoarder, and the Desert Gear models.

According to the developers in the live stream, each of these outfits will not only have set bonuses, but each set piece will provide you with some unique buffs/perks, such as the Wasteland Assassin granting you possible stealth abilities or buffs, or the Hoarder who may provide you with larger carry weight capacity or even allow you to stack more items. 

7 Days To Die Alpha 22 Build Features Gear and Outfits\
Based on the developer's remarks, there will be new Gear Items added which will provide new and unique perks. (Picture: YouTube / Mr. Reach)

Overall, we'll just have to wait and see for more news surrounding these new gear items and outfits, but it should be interesting to see how the devs balance these with the existing gear selection. 

UI Changes

Next, we move on to the UI changes, which any 7 Days to Die player knows is exciting since you'll spend hours in the menus and inventories of the game. Based on some of the concepts we saw in the live stream, it appears we'll be getting an update to the UI in Alpha 22.

7 Days To Die Alpha 22 Build Features UI Changes
The UI will also be given a new update that we hope will be easier and more user-friendly. (Picture: YouTube / Mr. Reach)

From what we've seen it appears to be an almost complete overhaul of the original UI and will feature less grid-like menus and buttons, as well as the addition of the health, hunger, and stamina bars, etc. Now it's worth remembering that these are just concepts, but it's great to know that the devs plan on changing the UI that many players have found lackluster at times. 

New Storylines

Last but not least, we were shown two main things that point to a brand new storyline for the game. The first piece of evidence for this is the two new character models called the Bandits and the Overlord which appear to be new enemy types in the game. 

7 Days To Die Alpha 22 Build Features Story lines
The mention of two new maps and enemy types leads us to believe a storyline will be added soon. (Picture: YouTube / Mr. Reach)

And the second is the addition of the new locations, the Dukes Casino and Noahs Compund, of which the former appears to be the base for the new enemies, (The Bandits and the Overlords) while Noahs Compound will serve as the player's base of operations. 

Now, again these are simply conceptual, and likely very far off since the implementation of a story-driven mode in 7 Days to Die will likely be a challenging feat, especially if players can choose which side they want to join (which might be the case). We also have no idea what the story could be and what the conflict between these two sides may stem from, but all in all, it's an exciting prospect to look forward to as it could change the landscape for the fan base of 7 Days to Die dramatically.

7 Days To Die Alpha 22 Build Features Stay Tuned for more
As always, stay tuned for more news on the prospective Alpha 22 build of 7 Days to Die. (Picture: The Fun Pimps)

And there you have it, a full breakdown of everything we know so far regarding the Alpha 22 build of 7 Days to Die, as well as the possible release date that we can expect for this zombie survival sandbox. As always, be sure to check back here soon for more details as soon as they are released. 

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