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How To Survive Night Time In 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die gets harder during the night, so here's how to make it through.
How To Survive Night Time In 7 Days to Die
(Picture: The Fun Pimps)

7 Days to Die, like many semi-realistic survival games, has a day/night cycle. At night, things get a little more difficult; not only is your visibility limited, but the forests are rife with zombies - and in the darkness, they can run! This definitely makes it harder to stay alive, and harder to get things done. Here's what to do during the night in 7 Days to Die to make the most of your time in the dark, even while the zombies are on your tail.

What To Do During The Night

Surviving the night in 7 Days to Die requires some strategy, and crafting certain items can help you out substantially. Because the nighttime is more challenging to navigate than the day, you'll need some items to help you get around.

Use A Light Source

There are multiple light sources in 7 Days to Die that will help you see in the night, allowing you to more efficiently get things done. You can use either a Torch or a Flashlight to help you here. Making sure you always have at least one of these items on hand can help you make sure you're never caught out in the darkness.

Another workaround for the darkness impeding your vision is simply to turn up your brightness. This makes it a lot easier to see at night, but if you're looking for an "immersive" survival experience, you might want to avoid this tip.

7 days to die night
Nighttime is much more difficult to navigate in 7 Days to Die. (Picture: The Fun Pimps)

Avoid Looting

While it might be tempting to go out looting in an effort to spend the evening hours productively, it's not a good idea to loot during the night in 7 Days to Die. Zombies can run in the darkness, making them even more formidable foes than usual. Leave your looting for the daytime, when zombies aren't as effective as they are during the nighttime. It's best to stay in fenced-in areas and keep to yourself during the night.

Organize Your Camp

Nighttime is a good opportunity to organize your camp and items, since you shouldn't be going out and trying to kill zombies. You can spend the evening setting things up, so you'll be ready when the sun rises to become a killing machine and gather those resources you've been waiting all night for.

Mine Underground

While venturing out into the world after dark isn't a good idea, you're safe from hostiles underground. The nighttime might be a good idea to get started on a mine, giving you access to resources that you can use the next day and even onwards. You can start the mine beneath your base to keep yourself safe and ensure you're near everything you might need.

While nighttime can be difficult to navigate in 7 Days to Die, we hope these tips and tricks will help you survive the night and make it through another day in this tough survival game.

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