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All Power In Crash Team Rumble

Here's a look at all of the Powers available for players to choose from in Crash Team Rumble.
All Power In Crash Team Rumble

Crash Team Rumble has been in development for several years now by Toys For Bob, and fans are just now able to try the game's closed beta out for the first time following the game's upcoming June 2023 release. The game is already rich with content and fairly complex gameplay mechanics, ranging from characters with their own unique abilities to special Powers, to individual roles for each playstyle.

Powers might just be one of the most interesting mechanics in the game, giving players a strategic boost during their competitive endeavors. In this guide, we'll take a deeper look at Powers in Crash Team Rumble, including what they are, how they work, and how to use them to their fullest potential.

crash team rumble powers
There are four different powers in Crash Team Rumble during the closed peta period. (Picture: Toys For Bob)

What Are Powers In Crash Team Rumble?

'Powers' are essentially boosts that are provided to your character during a match; they can either heal your teammates or provide additional offense against the opposing team. Unlike abilities, Powers are not tied to the character you choose to play, so you can equip any Power on any character.

All Crash Team Rumble Powers

Here's a look at all of the powers available in Crash Team Rumble, including how they work and how many charges each one has.

Power Ability Charges
Flytrap Spitter
  • Spits at nearest enemy in range.
  • Slows enemies on hit.
  • Placing a Flytrapper Spitter on a Gem will Capture it.
Healing Fridge
  • Heals nearby allies.
Gasmoxian Guard
  • Summons a large guard that releases electricity.
Wumpa Stash
  • Lets players earn up Wumpa Fruit passively over time.

How To Choose A Power In Crash Team Rumble

With several Powers in your arsenal to choose from, you might have some trouble deciding which one is best to equip for any given situation. Really, it depends on which character you're playing and what role you've chosen to take on.

Do you want to be a supporter, making sure that your team stays alive for the whole match? Choose the Healing Fridge. Are you planning on playing offensively, taking down as many opponents as you can to prevent them from returning Wumpa to their base? Go for the Flytrap Spitter.

It's a good idea to look at which Power your teammates are using before the match, too, so you can get an idea of which one is best to bring. If your team is fully set up for Support and three Healing Fridges are already on your side, you might want to go for a score-booster like the Wumpa Stash instead, for example.

crash team rumble powers
Which power you choose in Crash Team Rumble should depend on your playstyle and character. (Picture: Toys For Bob)

Those are all of the Powers you can equip in Crash Team Rumble and what they do.