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Crash Team Rumble: How To Get More Wumpa Fruit

Wondering how to get more Wumpa Fruit to score and win in Crash Team Rumble? Check out this guide.
Crash Team Rumble: How To Get More Wumpa Fruit

Wumpa Fruit is the name of the game in Crash Team Rumble; the only way to win is to collect enough of it before the opposing team manages to take enough Wumpa home to take the trophy home for themselves. If you're wondering how to get more of this extremely important resource, you'll be glad to know that there are a lot of ways you can adapt your playstyle and approach to rake in tons of Wumpa Fruit.

In this guide, we'll go over how to get more Wumpa Fruit in Crash Team Rumble so you can earn Scorer badges and win more games for your team.

crash team rumble wumpa fruit
Scoring enough Wumpa Fruit is your key to winning more games in Crash Team Rumble. (Picture: Toys For Bob)

How To Get More Wumpa Fruit In Crash Team Rumble

To get more Wumpa Fruit in Crash Team Rumble, there are a few things you can do. How much Wumpa Fruit you can reliably score depends on a few things: your character of choice, your Power of choice, how you use Relics, and your play style.

Play A Scorer Character

To maximize the amount of Wumpa Fruit you manage to take in, try playing a Scorer character; these heroes are designed to score Wumpa Fruit at a rapid rate, at the expense of being fairly average fighters and blockers. Scoring as a Scorer is easy, but your ability to bring that fruit back to your Bank and deposit it will likely rely on the help of your team to take down the opposing team's Blocker.

Use Wumpa Fruit Powers

While some Powers allow you to attack other players or heal up your team, the Wumpa Stash Power allows you to gain extra Wumpa Fruit over time, making it the perfect Power for a Wumpa-scoring build.

Don't Get Distracted By Opponents

You can't avoid interacting with the opposing team in Crash Team Rumble; you'll no doubt come across members of the other team on the map, and they will likely have their Blocker posted at your Bank. However, playing offensively isn't always a good idea. As a Scorer, you'll want to avoid fighting opponents most of the time, and instead, leave that to other characters.

If you want to win in Crash Team Rumble, you'll need to get as much Wumpa Fruit as you can. Hopefully, this guide to strategies for getting more Wumpa Fruit will help you overcome your opponents and win your next match. Good luck!