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All Roles In Crash Team Rumble

Wondering what the roles are in Crash Team Rumble and which one to choose? We've got you covered.
All Roles In Crash Team Rumble

Your playstyle in Crash Team Rumble is dictated by which character you play and their role; it can be a little intimidating to choose a character and role, though, if you don't know what the different options mean - from Booster, to Scorer, to Blocker, there are quite a few varying choices.

If you're trying to pick your role in Crash Team Rumble in the closed beta or after the game's live launch in June 2023, we're here to help you make your decision. In this guide, we'll walk you through all of the roles available in Crash Team Rumble, and how they work.

crash team rumble roles
Every character in Crash Team Rumble has a role, but they can veer outside of it. (Picture: Toys For Bob)

How Do Roles Work In Crash Team Rumble?

While each character has a role of their own in Crash Team Rumble, heroes aren't tied to their roles; any hero is capable of taking on any role in a team if they adapt their playstyle accordingly. However, roles let you know which aspects of gameplay a character is inherently best at because of their abilities.

Crash, for example, is a Scorer because he can easily traverse the map and collect Wumpa Fruit with his spin attack. Dingodile, on the other hand, is a Blocker because he's large and powerful, and can thus prevent opponents from entering the scoring area.

But that doesn't mean you couldn't use Crash as a Blocker if you use his spin wisely, or that you couldn't use Dingodile as a Scorer (he can even vacuum up Wumpa Fruit with ease!). Roles can help you get started in Crash Team Rumble and get an idea of how to play each character, but it's ultimately up to you to experiment and find the perfect hero and gameplay style for you.

crash team rumble roles
There are four roles in Crash Team Rumble during the closed beta, but more will likely be added when the game officially launches. (Picture: Toys For Bob)

All Roles In Crash Team Rumble

There are three roles for characters in Crash Team Rumble: Booster, Scorer, and Blocker. Each character has a specific role that defines their primary style of gameplay, but players can easily fall outside of their role and take on other responsibilities.

  • Scorer - These heroes find it easy to traverse the battlefield and collect Wumpa Fruit. Scorers are overall the most versatile role.
  • Blocker - These heroes are larger in stature, and are thus strong defensive blockers with a strong offense. However, they are not very mobile.
  • Booster - These heroes can easily collect relics and turn gem pads for their team.

Here's a look at the characters in each category:

Role Characters
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Tawna
  • Dingodile
  • Coco Bandicoot
  • Dr. Neo Cortex

According to developers, there will be even more roles when Crash Team Rumble goes live.

That's everything you need to know about roles in Crash Team Rumble and how they work.