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Aloft: Where To Find & Use The Stone Axe

How much wood can players chuck with their trusted Stone Axe? That's if they know where to find or craft it, as detailed in this guide for Aloft.
Aloft: Where To Find & Use The Stone Axe
(Picture: Astrolabe Interactive / Ashleigh Klein)

The floating islands throughout the archipelago have unique items and ingredients that can be collected, foraged, and mined, which can help players craft materials, building components, tools, and more in Aloft. As they'll have access to multiple tools to make their foraging adventures more efficient, the Stone Axe is quite valuable, especially when starting out in the game.

Like most tools, it can be crafted if they have learned the blueprint; the Stone Axe can be found relatively early without using their resources to craft it. This guide will guide players on how they can find the Stone Axe as well as provide them with the resources to combine to unlock its blueprint and its uses in Aloft.

How To Find And Use The Stone Axe In Aloft?

The Stone Axe is one of the first tools players can find and craft in the open-world environment and is of great importance to have in the early hours of Aloft. While the tool can be crafted from within the Inventory, which we'll explain later in this guide, they can spare the resources to craft the tool by finding it during their explorations of the starting island.

Once players start or load into the game in the cave on the starting island, they'll find themselves at an open field area where a path leading to the mountain and a waterfall can be seen. To the right of the waterfall is a grove of trees, and they must head towards the grove by following the path that will bring them to an abandoned house.

As they approach the house, they can find a tree stump beside the staircase where a Stone Axe stuck in the stump can be found, for which they can take the axe and add it to their Inventory, which can be equipped to their Hotbar. If players miss out on finding the Stone Axe on the starting island, they can craft one by harvesting specific resources to make crafting materials that can be used to create a Stone Axe.

They'll need Stones and Wood, which can be harvested by collecting branches, gathering smaller trees, and picking up Stones on the ground. At the Workbench Station, combine two Stones in the hopper to craft the Sharp Stone crafting material before adding one Sharp Stone and one piece of Wood to craft the Stone Axe.

The Stone Axe can be found in their Inventory by hitting the TAB key, where under the Gear tab (the clothing icon) is where the Stone Axe and other tools can be found. Equip it to the Hotbar by hovering it and hitting the E key to equip or unequip before using the Stone Axe to chop down trees, tree stumps, wooden crates, and most importantly, charcoal stumps to get Charcoal.