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Among Us Airship map - All new tasks and how to complete

Let's breakdown all the brand new tasks that the Airship maps features in Among Us.
Among Us Airship map - All new tasks and how to complete

The latest Among Us map, Airship, just realized, bringing thousands of people back into the social deduction game in which a set of impostors tries to kill an entire crew before all tasks can be completed.

The developers at InnerSloth have created a whole new set of tasks, ranging from simple to a bit more elaborate this time around.

Let's get down to it and breakdown every single new task coming with The Airship.

All images courtesy of InnerSloth

Among Us Airship map - All new tasks

Empty Garbage

among us airship tasks

For this task, you only need to pick up the garbage and pull it up until the bag's out of the garbage can, then you'll be prompt with the second part of the task which is to dispose of it, utilizing the lever we've seen in previous maps, so you should be familiar with this step.

Put Away Rifles

among us rifles task

When you get to the armory, pick up both rifles and move towards the newly appeared arrow, you'll have to place the rifles in a specific position which gladly only requires you to point and click.

Put Away Pistols

among us pistols

Sames process as the rifles, nothing more to it.

Make Burger

among us burgers

Time to feed the rest of the crewmates before their impending demise. Every time you click on the task the burger will require different ingredients, including the bun, patty, lettuce, onion, and tomatoes. 

Use the reference the game gives you to put the dish together. Unlike the photo, you need to place every ingredient close to each other so keep that in mind. You can click the photo several times if you get lost.

Upload Data

among us tasks

The first part of this task is not new, you still need to download the data, however, when you upload, a new device will pop up. You need to move around this object until you get a good or perfect connection for a faster upload.

Clean Toilet

among us toilet

Despite seeing four toilets, you only need to clean one to finish this task. Click on the plunger and move it up and down a few times and should be done real quick.

Reset Breakers

among us

Once you get to electrical you'll see a bunch of switches with a number in them. Pull them in numerical order starting from 1 up until 7 and voila, easy as that.

Stabilize Steering 

among us stabilize steering

Move the lever on your left to where the green arrow points and sync the wheel with the green silhouette, easy as that. 

Polish Ruby

among us ruby

Click on each stain the Ruby has, and without letting go, move your mouse around it until they all disappear.

Dress the Mannequin 

among us

Similar to the burger task, follow the instructions in the picture and dress up the mannequin. Clearly, crewmates have no sense of fashion, but we'll give them a pass.

Develop Photos

among us new tasks

Put the three photos inside the tray of water, leave them for about a minute, time you can spend doing other tasks so you don't look sus, and come back. Pick them up and it should be done.


among us airship new tasks

Take a shower, similar to scanning in medbay on other maps, this will take a bit of time, so sit tight.

Pick up Towels

among us

When you get to showers, pick up all the towels you see laying around. Place them in a container near the entrance to Records.

Fix Shower

When you select the shower, a small power bar will pop up in your screen, click the shower when it gets red to repair it with one strike.

Sort Records

among us desks

Pick each file from the table, head towards the arrow, and click on the empty space to automatically place the file.

Unlock Safe

among us safe

You'll see a number and an arrow on top of the knob, turn it according to the direction it points until you reach the number marked. Do this a total of three times without making a mistake and you should be good.