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Among Us
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News > Horror > Among Us

Among Us road map: New map, friends list, localization, and colourblind support

Developer Innersloth has shared plans for the future Among Us updates. Here's everything can we expect to see in the coming months.

The dev team over at Innersloth Studio are hard at work to bring new content and quality-of-life upgrades to their mega popular co-op game Among Us.

In the Among Us October Update, they've delivered several highly-requested features, like anonymous votes and colourblind support, but they are not planning to stop there.

Among Us New Road Map New Features
(Picture: Innersloth) 

In fact, they announced in September that they have decided to cancel work on Among Us 2 and instead focus their resources on improving the original.

On the 3rd November they released a road map where they shared with fans what are they working on and what can we expect to see in the near future. 

Among Us Accounts 

Over the past few weeks, Among Us is, unfortunately, suffering from its own sudden popularity, which came with unwanted guests - hackers.

Like with any other popular game, Among Us is having a serious problem with hackers that are ruining the experience for everyone.

One way to fight this issue is to create players' accounts. This will allow players to report accounts that are toxic or using hacks.

Innersloth says they are hoping to deliver them by December, adding that they will be a "bit barebones at first", but later they have plans to add things like a friends list and other features in early 2021.

New Henry Stickmin Map

Henry Stickmin Among Us Map
Henry Stickmin Map is expected to come in December  (Picture: Innersloth)

A Henry Stickmin themed map is currently in full development and Innersloth says that it's currently looking quite a bit bigger than the OG map that everyone has been playing on.

They are not ready to share more details and specifics about the new map, but they've confirmed that it will contain "plenty of new tasks" and will be available for free to all players, which is a great way to show their gratitude to the community.

Among Us Translations/Localization

Innersloth acknowledges that current localization is "a bit rough", and on that regard, they have plans to hire professional translators in order to rework currently available languages, as well as translators that will work on more languages they plan to add.

They are not yet ready to share which languages will be added.

Additional colourblind support

Among Us Colorblind Support
Colourblind support was added in October (Picture: Innersloth) 

In the October Update, colourblind support was added to the wires task. Now each wire has a specific symbol which makes them easily recognizable even if you can not see the colours. 

People that are colour blind will be happy to hear that additional colour blind support is on its way.

The didn't specify what exactly will be added to help colour blind persons, but they say they will "continue monitoring it to see how it performs".

Future Among Us updates

Innersloth wants to stress out that these are only some of the things they are working on currently and that there are many ideas and things that are WIP, but that they are not yet ready to share information about them.

"We play things pretty loose so we can tackle what we think the game needs most," the developer explains. "We also don’t want to promise anything and then not provide it so it’s a scary thing to share."

Things outlined in this roadmap are expected to come sometime in December for players on all platforms (Steam, Android, and iOS).