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Among Us New Fungle Map Release Date

With the announcement of a new Among Us map, Fungle, we give the details on when to expect it to launch.
Among Us New Fungle Map Release Date

One of the most breakout games that has come out in the last five years is Among Us, a game where players work together to figure out who the killers are hidden among the crew. The killers have their own objective: to reach their endgame without being caught, killing off the entire crew. It's a game of deception that took the internet by storm.

Ever since then, Among Us has been on the up. There's a VR version of the game available, and it boosted the popularity of similar games like Goose Goose Duck. Now, people who still play Among Us have plenty to look forward to, with the new Fungle Map.

Among Us Fungle: New Map Release Date

Among Us The Fungle
The Fungle is an entirely new map coming to Among Us. (Picture: Innersloth)

A recent Nintendo Direct had announcements for a variety of new games, alongside updates on games that already existed on the Nintendo Switch. With Among Us already being on the Switch, it was here that we got an announcement for a brand new map called Fungle.

In this preview of the Fungle Map, we saw a cinematic of the area and upcoming gameplay elements as well. But most importantly, we have a release window of when it will launch. The new Fungle map for Among Us will be released in October. No exact release date has been provided just yet but we will update this page once the info is available.

Among Us Fungle: New Map Details, Gameplay

Among Us The Fungle Release Date
The Fungle seems like a new more open map that will require new strategies in Among Us. (Picture: Innersloth)

For this new Fungle map, there were plenty of details given for players to check out. The typical crewmate roles will remain, as will sabotages, but there'll be a few more features added for players to learn. Judging from the announcement trailer,  it looks like players can hit a flower to make a smokescreen of some kind to hide their movements. You can seemingly spy on other players through a pair of binoculars to see what everyone is doing in a certain area.

This map also seems a lot more open compared to others in Among Us. That means players will have to be more careful about their actions because they are more likely to get caught in the act.