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Among Us
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Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown NA: How to watch, schedule, format and more

Your viewer's guide to the Twitch Rivals Among Us North America Showdown, including how to watch, the schedule, format and more.

Among Us is one of the most popular titles on Twitch right now, and if you love watching content creators battle it out the exciting title, then the Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown North America (NA) might just be for you. Here's everything you need to know to enjoy the next esports event from Twitch Rivals, including the Among Us Showdown schedule, rules, how to watch and more.

Prizes & Players

The Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown for the NA region will feature 10 content creators from said reason.

At the time of writing, the content creators participating have not been revealed, so you might just have to tune in and watch to find out who is competing.

Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown NA schedule prizes players format how to watch(Picture: InnerSloth)

In terms of prizes, there doesn't seem to be a cash prize pool. Instead, all the players will receive a Twitch Rivals x Among Us t-shirt. The best overall player as voted for by the judges will receive an extra prize, with details yet-to-be-announced.


Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown: How it works

Each week, starting on 4th December with the NA region, groups of 10 creators will compete in the game show-inspired Among Us event. 

Judges and the Twitch chat on the Twitch Rivals channel will vote for who they think is playing the best, who is playing the worst, and more. 

The format overview for the Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown is:

  • 10 Players
  • Three maps: Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus
  • Players will play four (4) games per Map
  • Players earn points based on their performance in each game played
  • Players have the chance to win up to two (2) bonus points in each map by (1) judges vote, and (2) chat's vote.

There's also an interesting scoring system for the Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown NA, which you can check out below.

TwitchRAmongUsFormat.jpg?_t=1606738911(Picture: Twitch Rivals)

The two top players in total points at the end of the event will be eligible to be voted on by the judges to be the winner of the Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown NA.


The Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown NA is a one-day even scheduled to last roughly three and a half hours. 

The event will take place on 4th December 2020 at 21:00 to 5th December 2020, 00:30 GMT. 


Twitch Rivals Among Us NA: How to watch

The event will be broadcasted on the official Twitch Rivals channel, so you can tune in to watch all the action following the schedule in the previous section.