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Twitch streamer Sleepy shows off ingenious bait to deal with camera campers in Among Us

The former Overwatch pro came up with an inventive idea to get rid of those crewmates that spend their entire time in the security room trying to spot the impostors red-handed.
Twitch streamer Sleepy shows off ingenious bait to deal with camera campers in Among Us

Dealing with pesky camera campers in Among Us while playing as an impostor can be a daunting task that generally leads to a defeat, no matter how good you are at coming up with fake scenarios.
Because of that, Twitch streamer Sleepy decided to set the perfect trap for a crewmate trying that (on paper) infallible task to secure the win.
The Security Room, which features cameras across several key points in two maps, Polus and The Skeld, gives a huge edge to crewmates who are constantly trying to spot impostors committing murders, with the former Overwatch pro using this overreliance some players have to score an easy kill.

In a clip shared on his Twitter account, Sleepy demonstrated how to bait a Security Room camper with a perfect set up.


Twitch streamer BJP caught a glimpse of Sleepy venting, as expected, immediately sprinting towards Cafeteria to hit the emergency meeting button.
As Sleepy and everyone familiar with Among Us knows, the fastest way to get from the Security Room to Cafeteria is through the top left corridor that leads to the Upper Engine.

Among Us The Skeld Map
(Photo: Innersloth)

"He's gonna come running from this hall, and I'm gonna corner camp him," Sleepy predicted correctly, murdering BJP before he could spill the beans of what he just witnessed. 

Hopefully, with a bit of practice and luck, you can secure easy kills with this strategy.

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