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Among Us 2: Release date, price, maps, ports & more

Here's all the official info we know about the sequel to the smash indie hit that's taken the gaming community by storm in 2020.
Among Us 2: Release date, price, maps, ports & more

Among Us, the indie sleeper hit which pits 8 innocent crewmates against 2 impostors with murderous intents in a game of cat and mouse that's been popularised by Twitch streamers over the past few months is set to have a sequel in the works.

With developer Innersloth releasing what they describe as a "teamwork party game" in 2018, it seems plausible they had a follow-up ready to go, especially considering the recent success that's seen people like Man City's Sergio Aguero dabble in the world of Among Us.

Check out all the official info regarding Among Us 2 down below, including possible release date, new maps, ports, and price.

Among Us 2 Release date

Among Us release date

In a blog post shared by Innersloth, they confirmed Among Us 2 won't come out in 2020, quite possibly not even 2021. As things stand, the development is at the very early stages of production.

They detailed how the process to enter an open beta period lasted six months for the original Among Us, with another entire semester to get the game to get the green light for a full release.

Basically, let's wait a year and then we might get information on a proper release date.

Among Us 2 Price

It has been confirmed by the developers that the sequel will cost more than the original game. We still have no details regarding an official price.

For reference, currently Among Us is roughly $5 on Steam, with prices varying depending on the region you're in, meanwhile, the mobile version is free, something they plan to maintain when the sequel hits.

The reason for this has actually a lot to do with...

Among Us 2 Maps & Roles

First off, the devs are looking to expand upon the 10 player limit per lobby, making it possible to have 3 impostors and 12 crewmates. This change will be accompanied by an exciting new addition -- new roles.

Yes, Among Us currently revolves around impostors trying to kill crewmates before they complete tasks around the maps or get caught, but we know that Among Us 2 could bring more than that into the mix. What exactly, sadly, we still don't know.

As for maps, while no information was shared regarding new ones, they have said the current three maps you can play in the original Among Us will make a return with improvements across the board.

Innersloth also shared a wishlist of features they wish to include, these may or may not end up happening:

  • Launch with a discount coupon for Among Us 1 owners on Steam.
  • Keep Among Us 2 Mobile free but with (removable) ads.
  • Have free big content updates like maps and game modes. We're not making that mistake again.
  • Have in-game currency so we can break up big cosmetic bundles and let people buy/earn just the things they want. 

Among Us 2 Ports

Among Us 2, unlike the first one, will be launched first on PC and then mobile, as the game is a bigger task than the original, trying to ensure a proper launch.

And that's that! We've compiled all the necessary info you need to have to get ready for Among Us 2. Now, it's worth pointing out that the current game won't be discontinued once the sequel releases, so you can rest easy.

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