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The Mountain from Game of Thrones struggles on Among Us task

The Mountain was an imposing figure in GoT, but when it comes to playing Among Us, it seems like he’s less competent than Joffrey was with a sword.
The Mountain from Game of Thrones struggles on Among Us task

Hafthor Julius Björnsson, better known as “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones, is many things. He is a former professional strongman, a former professional basketball player, and an actor. He also happens to be a passionate gamer and streamer.

The Mountain Among UsBjörnsson's character on Game of Thrones became a household name. (Picture: HBO)

It’s an impressive list. But he sure as hell isn’t a competent crewmate in Among Us, at least not based on a hilarious moment that happened on his steam.

Like all crewmates in Among Us, The Mountain was faced with a series of simple tasks he needed to fulfil in order to help his team win the round before they were all killed off by imposters. However, it seems he met his match when he struggled with the “Calibrate Distributor” task.

It looks complicated, but it’s actually really straightforward. All he needed to do was press the space bar at the right time on each of the spinning generators. There are three of them in total, and the first one is the slowest and easiest, while the third one is the fastest and hardest. But he struggled to get past the first one.

“This is f**king absolute nonsense guys,” he said, laughing. “Is this really this hard?” Why are my reactions so slow?” Eventually, he managed to pass the first generator. But after failing his first attempt on the second one, it reset the task and he needed to do the first one again.

The Mountain game of thrones Among Us
The Mountain had a hard time on one of Among Us' easier tasks. (Picture: Hafthor Julius Björnsson)

Luckily for him, someone reported a dead body and saved him from his misery. But a fellow crewmate couldn’t help but throw him some shade. “Okay, uh, Thor, do you… do you need help with that task?” she said, trying to hold back her laughter.

“I can’t do this!” he yelled in frustration. It was a truly hilarious moment and a good example of why watching streamers play Among Us has been such fun.