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All POIs and landing spots featured at Storm Point, the new Apex Legends map

Apex Legends’ Season 11 will add a fourth map for its BR mode, the paradisiac and dangerous Storm Point.
All POIs and landing spots featured at Storm Point, the new Apex Legends map

As we look forward to the next season of Apex Legends, Respawn has been revealing new info about what we can expect.

One of the biggest changes comes with the addition of Storm Point, the next map available for its Battle Royale mode, becoming the largest one to be available in the game, after the release of World’s Edge.

Apex Legends Storm Point map
Full map of Storm Point with POIs. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

As such, this map will also have the biggest amount of POIs and looting spots, with over 17 places available for players to land, fight, and conquer.

Now, thanks to Apex Legends’ principal designer and Storm Point’s creator Rodney Reece, we have many things to share with you about each of the POIs available in this map, so let’s get started.


Apex Legends Storm Point Barometer
First look at Storm Point's Barometer area. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

This place is known as the heart of Storm Point.

It features a spinning platform with a honeypot of loot, overlooked by a research tower that gives a height advantage, but is challenging to defend against attackers.

Command Center

Apex Legends Storm Point Command Center
Storm Point's Command Center. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Built inside of the mountain, the Command Center is a massive complex that’s rich in loot and which allows players to dive into its heart from the dropship.

It’s also an excellent method for getting to the top of the mountain while protected by using a network of the longest ziplines in the Apex Games to date.

The Antenna

Apex Legends Storm Point The Antenna
The Antenna from Storm Point. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

The Antenna is a drop location divided by a network of catwalks positioned above a massive communications dish.

Make your way across these catwalks or slide to the bottom of the Antenna to zipline your way up to the centre.


Apex Legends Storm Point Checkpoint
The Checkpoint. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Suspended over a dense forest, Checkpoint allows you to disengage from an intense fight in new ways.

If you are overwhelmed, jump off the platform in the forest below to change the engagement. 

Lightning Rod

Apex Legends Storm Point Lightning Rod
Storm Point's Lightning Rod with a stormy weather at the background. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Lightning Rod is a landing position located at the pinnacle of the mountain and is divided into two halves by a focused and intense bridge.

The station's top is the highest position on the map and is a crucial stronghold if the ring ends there.

Storm Catcher

Apex Legends Storm Point Storm Catcher
First look at the Storm Catcher. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Suspended over a large area, Storm Catcher is an interior location with a focus on close-quarter combat.

Position yourself on its exterior balconies to open up long-range combat against strong, defendable bases on either of its sides.

North Pad

Apex Legends Storm Point North Pad
The North Pad from Storm Point. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

The North Pad is a launch site that contains a network of protected trenches that allow safe passage over a wide range of rolling hills.

Separating these trenches are underground bunkers and small watchpoints with loot.

The Mill

Apex Legends Storm Point The Mill
(Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Located at the farthest western position, the Mill's circular interior space contains high-value loot and the entryway towards the center river.


Apex Legends Storm Point Shipfall
(Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

The remnants of the original survivors of Storm Point, Shipfall, is all that remains of the doomed vessel.

Eroded over decades, the engine section is still intact and is a stronghold if you can fight your way through it.

Cenote Cave

Apex Legends Storm Point Cenote Cave
(Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

A secure network of coral reef caves, the Cenote is the most isolated section of the map and is filled with valuable loot and power positions.

Located at the southernmost western corner, it is also a critical path between the Barometer and the entire western half of the island.

Other locations featured in Storm Point

Following the same concept as with the previous maps introduced, there are many more locations to discover, all with unique and diverse gameplay styles designed for the competitive and casual player.

  • The Wall: The great divider between the northern beach and the mountain, it’s a critical landing spot for those who seek combat, acting as the chokepoint between two significant sections of the map.
  • Highpoint: Home to the only redeploy balloon on the map, it sits at the top of the longest hill, and is a vital chokepoint to the top of the mountain, with some hidden tunnels that allow you to flake around it.
  • Thunder Watch: A gateway to the top of the mountain, its interior is a tightly focused close-quarter combat area with a Gravity Cannon that allows for quick access from the bottom of the mountain and a quick escape, if needed.
  • Cascade Falls: A dense cluster of buildings placed near the waterfall, it acts as a focal point of the map due to its proximity to the map's centre, making it the most travelled point of interest.
  • Launch Site: A large area identified by two distinct landing zones: the outstretched landing pad and the control building. Try landing on one of its three distinctive outstretched pads and loot your way towards the control building.
  • Fish Farms: A chain of islands separated by open water, it’s a large area with a clean separation between the lootable buildings.
  • Gale Station: A sibling landing location to the Fish Farms which acts as a divider between the island's centre and the southern section.

“Storm Point is the sum of two years of design work and a close study of how Apex Legends plays in public. There are hundreds of micro-decisions built into the map to address bad third-party encounters, optimal loot flow, and combat engagement for a better gameplay experience,” added Reece.

Storm Point will be available in Apex Legends as part of its Season 11 “Escape”, on 2nd November.

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Featured image courtesy of Respawn.