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Apex Legends
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All Rampart cosmetics from Apex Legends Season 6: Legendary skins, holosprays, finishers and more

Check out all the fancy cosmetics the new Legend, Rampart, brings to the table with the release of Apex Legends Season 6.
Apex Legends Season 6 is now live for users across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation, with players already jumping into the Respawn battle royale to try out Rampart, the brand-new Legend debuting with the new season.

While the Season 6 Battle Pass offers a ton of cosmetics and rewards like weapon charms, music tracks, skins, the new holosprays, and the skydive emotes (which are only accessible through the battle pass) some of the most coveted items have to be purchased individually, or wait for Lady Luck to smile at you while opening Apex Packs.

For players eager to know more about the premium items that come along with Rampart, take a look down below as we show you all the cosmetics available for the character.

Rampart Legendary Skins

Rampart has a total of four Legendary skins, these can be obtained using 1,200 crafting materials or by opening Apex Packs.

All images courtesy of EA

Premium Finish

apex legends rampart skins

The Devi You Know

apex legends rampart legendary skins

Heritage Pride

heritage pride apex legends

Sari Not Sari

apex legends legendary skins

Rampart Epic Skins

Rampart has a total of five Epic skins, these can be obtained using 400 crafting materials or by opening Apex Packs.

Hack The System

hack the system

Daemon Hunter

daemon hunter rampart

User Friendly

user friendly

Heat Sync


Fiber Optics

fiber optcis rampart

Rampart Holosprays

Rampart has two different holosprays, one Legendary (1,200 crafting materials) and one Epic (400 crafting materials). Both can also drop in Apex Packs.

Gonna Get Messy! Legendary Holospray

Rampart holospray

That's Tip Tip, Mate Epic Holospray

Epic holospray apex legends

Rampart Finishers

Rampart currently has two finishers, her default one, and a Legendary finisher, which can be purchased for 1,200 crafting materials. Can also drop in Apex Packs.

Wound Up, Default Finisher

No Mercy Legendary Finisher

Rampart Skydive Emote

Rampart has one skydive emote in the Season 6 Battle Pass. As we've said, there are currently no other options to get your hands on these as they can't be bought with crafting materials nor do they drop on Apex Packs.

Spray and Sway Skydive Emote - Level 59 Battle Pass Reward

Rampart All Quips

In total, Rampart has 60 voice lines performed by Anjali Bhmani, who you might recognise as Symmetra from Overwatch. There are five rare quipos which cost 60 crafting materials, while the rest will be available for 30. All can drop in Apex Packs.