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Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Apex Legends add Solo mode

Apex Legends is set to get a Solo mode from next week as part of an in-game event called the Iron Crown Collection.



The Iron Crown Collection event will bring a limited time Solo only mode to the game. It is set to last from August 13 until August 27, giving players just two weeks to experience matches against other lone players for the first time.

During the Bloodhound challenge event in June, the Ranked mode originally launched as a temporary mode called Apex Elite Queue. By placing in the top five of a match, players were allowed to queue for matches against other top five players. Ranked Leagues were then added to the game permanently alongside Season 2 a month later. This means it is the Solo mode might also make its way into the game fully in a matter of weeks.

It is also possible the mode could release officially with Season 3 in October alongside a Duos mode.

At launch, many asked whether Solos or Duos would eventually be added to the game. Both Fortnite and PUBG had all three options and while the emphasis on teamwork on Apex Legends gave it a unique twist, many disliked being forced to play with random players.

Datamined information soon after Apex Legends released suggested Respawn Entertainment had plans for these modes, but the files were initially removed after the discovery spread among fans and media alike.

While Solo mode is now finally being introduced, there is no word on if a Duos mode is next or will be added in the near future. Currently, anyone wishing to play with a friend will be put into the game with one random teammate. If you choose to land on your own and not with your full squad, you will be at a huge disadvantage against trios working together.