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Apex Legends
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Apex Legends Aftermarket patch notes: Cross-play beta, new LTM, cosmetics, Pathfinder, Loba buffs, Bloodhound nerf and more

Respawn has launched a massive update that promises to change the free-to-play battle royale forever.
Apex Legends has received a massive update from Respawn Entertainment, one that allows players to test out what could potentially be a game-changer for the battle royale: Cross-play.

Yes, after months of teasing, Respawn will take the first steps to try and unify their player base across different platforms for a limited amount of time while they collect information and feedback from fans that try out this beta feature. 

How does cross-play in Apex Legends work?

Confirmed via their official site, the beta will let users of Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC group up together for the first time in Apex history. Players will have the option to enable or disable this feature.

apex legends crossplay(Photo: Respawn)

A big thing that deserves to be clarified is the fact that initially, cross-play is enabled between consoles, with PC players only popping in PC lobbies exclusively. However, if a console player groups up with a PC one, they will be put in a server with mouse and keyboard users. 

Another issue for players that disable cross-play is that they'll be put in lobbies with others that have done the same thing, making queue times considerably longer in this scenario.

Another issue for players that disable cross-play is that they'll be put in lobbies with others that have done the same thing, making queue times considerably longer in this scenario.

As for grouping up, it's as easy as typing your friends' name in the "Find Friend" tab.

find friend apex cross play
(Photo: Respawn)

Moving on to the next thing the Aftermarket update offers....

Apex Legends new LTM: Flashpoint

Apex Legends LTM
(Photo: Respawn)

Aftermarket delivers an all new limited time mode, Flashpoint. Played on Kings Canyon, all healing items are removed in favor of massive zones around the map that regen both your health and shields.

"The centerpiece of this mode are Flash Points, massive zones dotted around towns in Kings Canyon. Flash Points are special because they regenerate your health and shields over time to get you healed and ready for combat in a flash. Learn where these are quickly because healing items do not spawn in this mode," Mark Yampolsky, Systems Designer at Respawn, explains.

Apex Legends Aftermarket cosmetics

Apex Legends cosmetics
(Photo: Respawn)

Gear up with the latest cosmetic goodies as Aftermarket brings up to 24 different ones for you to get your hands on. You can either purchase these directly using Apex coins or crafting materials, as well as get them in Apex Packs. here's the breakdown on how likely you are to get an event cosmetic per pack.

Apex Legends packs

On top of this, a new set of event challenges has been made available for players to tackle, netting them Bangalore cosmetics and weapon skins like the Hemlok's "Performance Boost."

Bangalore LTM Flashpoint

You can take a look at the event progression system down below.

apex legends

And now, let's talk balance changes.

Apex Legends Aftermarket Patch Notes



  • Increased the rate at which Sheila's bullet spread tightens


  • Updated Bloodhound’s tactical cooldown while ultimate is active from 6 seconds to 8 seconds.


  • Grapple cooldown is now based on the distance Pathfinder traveled. The shortest possible pull has a 10s cooldown; the maximum cooldown is still 35s, but you're going to have to swing a very long distance to get there. Have fun out there, friends!


  • Updated Wraith’s sprint animation.


  • Crypto’s Drone can now open loot vaults if Crypto has a key in his inventory. It consumes the key as usual.


  • Increased range of ultimate & passive from 3100 units to 4500 units.
  • Loba now starts the match with her ultimate half charged.



  • Increasing hipfire spread at a base level and also increasing the spread added while firing.


  • We try to keep hipfire numbers consistent with similar weapons of the same class. So, the hipfire spread increase on the Devotion is also being applied to the Spitfire. To compensate, we are reducing horizontal recoil on the Spitfire.

Triple Take

  • Reduced fire rate from 1.4 to 1.3.