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Apex Legends ban debacle involving LuLuLuvely: Respawn responds

Respawn Entertainment has now responded to claims of an innocent player being banned after LuLuLuvey's report.
Apex Legends ban debacle involving LuLuLuvely: Respawn responds

There's has been some controversy in the Apex Legends community as of late. When content creator LuLuLuvey reported a hacker to Respawn Entertainment’s security team member Conor "Hideouts" Ford. Alongside the clear hacker, she also reported a Bloodhound player, which got banned alongside the hacker playing Gibraltar. Now, Respawn has responded to the whole "innocent" player ban debacle.

Respawn Responds to ban controversy

The Bloodhound player in question took to Reddit, proclaiming his innocence and talking about an unfair Apex Legends ban in a thread entitled "Killing streamers got me banned."

In the thread, which has 27,000 upvotes, the player going by the nickname said: "I’m season 6 / 3 predator with more than 30,000 kills you said I was cheating and in the video everything’s clear.

"The streamer gave my name mistakenly to the developer, in your email you said I was cheating without giving any proof."

The thread has now been updated with the following:

Apex Legends player ban innocent lululuvey
(Picture: Reddit)


The thread is now marked as "Verified Untrue" due to Respawn's investigation, which found the player is not so innocent after all.

Respawn Entertainment found the following:


Clearly, things got out of hand quickly, as the "innocent" Apex Legends player reported by LuLuLuvey was, in fact, not innocent.

However, LuLuLuvey, even received "borderline death threats" due to the accusations of reporting an innocent player. 


It goes to show how players should never simply take someone else on the internet at their word. Saying that, however, death threats are never excusable.

Hopefully, the matter has now been fully resolved, and LuLuLuvey can continue on with her streams without harassment.