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Apex Legends: How To Craft Ally Respawn Banners

Revive your downed teammates no matter which Legend you choose with our guide on how to craft Ally Respawn Banners in Apex Legends.
Apex Legends: How To Craft Ally Respawn Banners

Season 16 of Apex Legends introduced tons of new meta-changing content and features that gave players a new way of engaging with the first-person battle royale. One such new feature that required some getting used to was the ability of the Support class to craft respawn banners. 

If you're unfamiliar with this feature or want a better understanding of how it works and how to utilize it in the game, then we have you covered. Below we'll show you how to craft respawn banners in Apex Legends and how best to use them when in the heat of a match. 

How To Craft Ally Respawn Banners in Apex Legends

In Apex, when your teammates die, you no longer need to rush to grab their respawn banner from their death box before a timer runs out. In certain situations, you can craft their respawn banners at any Replicator, regardless of how long ago your teammate was eliminated.

Apex Legends How Ally Respawn Banners work
Ally Respawn Banners can be used to revive downed players, and with the arrival of Season 17, any player can do it as long as there is a support Legend on your team. (Picture: EA)

Season 17 of Apex has introduced further changes, making it even easier for players to craft respawn banners. Here's how it's done:

To create an ally respawn banner, you must find a Replicator and use the available crafting materials. The process is similar to crafting weapons, where you access the banners option on the left-hand side of your screen. The crafting cost for a respawn banner is fixed at 30 crafting materials.

Apex Legends How To Craft Ally Respawn Banners
To craft the banner, players can simply head over to a Replicator and craft it using the required crafting materials. (Picture: EA)

In Season 16, only Support class characters could craft ally respawn banners. However, in Season 17, any player with a Support legend on their team can now craft a respawn banner. This means if you have Gibraltar, Lifeline, Loba, Newcastle, or Mirage in your squad, you'll have that option available to you, which is a massive game changer.

This significantly impacts the usefulness of the Support class perk, regardless of who on your team prefers it. Previously, Support characters, when downed, often couldn't escape, rendering the ability useless in tense situations, and any players ultimately preferred more aggressive classes. Now, with the entire squad benefiting from the ability, having a Support character in your team becomes much more viable.

Apex Legends Ally Respawn Banners uses
Ally Respawn banners are now a much more viable option to keep your team alive and make the gameplay loop more exciting for players of all skill levels. (Picture: EA)

Overall, the new banner system has made it much easier to revive downed players regardless of the legend's class, making gunfights less "all or nothing." This is fantastic news for both new and veteran players and will ultimately make the future of Apex Legends much more accessible and fun (in our opinion), so be sure to give it a try now that you know how to craft Respawn Banners in Apex Legends.