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Iron Crown Collection now live in Apex Legends

The Iron Crown Collection event that brings the long-awaited Solos mode has gone live on Apex Legends servers.
Iron Crown Collection now live in Apex Legends

Solos mode sees individual players go it alone in the arena, fighting for victory without a team by their side. It is set to be a temporary mode, but it is possible that it comes back to stay permanently as Ranked mode was introduced in a similar way in at the start of Season 2, with a 'preview' of the system included in the Bloodhound event.

If Solos is here to stay, it is possible a Duos mode may follow it at some point after Season 2 or in Season 3, as many fans have been waiting to play with a friend without an entirely random strangers filling the vacant third spot.

As well as Solos, Apex Legends has added a map change titled 'Town Takeover'. Tied into this is a lore addition, with a short story revealing a conversation between Octane and Lifeline, with the former talking about using jump pads to reach a world record and hating being still. Town Takeover has revealed the mystery of the 'Octane Fire Ring' found in the game files before the event.


There will be a bonus XP weekend from 16th-18th August to celebrate the new event and the added modes alongside various event challenges for players to complete.

Unique cosmetics in the form of collection skins are also available to unlock, including Judge Jury Executioner for Lifeline, Captain Bamboozle for Mirage, War Machine for Pathfinder and Protector of the Void for Wraith. There will also be new loot added to the game to unbox.

The new event will run until 27th August, so there is two weeks to play some of the first Solos matches, unlock the latest cosmetics and experience the Octane-inspired Town Takedown.