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Apex Legends Pick Rates (Season 16): Highest and Lowest Picks, Right Now

In this guide, we break down the pick rates for all Legends in Apex Legends Season 16 and discuss the most popular Legend for the season.
Apex Legends Pick Rates (Season 16): Highest and Lowest Picks, Right Now

Apex Legends season 16 is currently going strong, and while many players have their favorite Legends to take into battle, newer players or those looking to experiment might be curious as to who the top picks are in the game. If you find yourself in this boat and want to know which of the top Legend picks are in Apex Legends Season 16, then we have you covered. 

In this article, we'll be breaking down the pick rates for all the Legends during Season 16, as well as the top-rated Legend that most players are taking into battle this season. So let's take a look at who the top picks are and who you should consider trying out if you're looking for a new Legend to play. 

Apex Legends Season 16 Pick Rates

In the table below, you'll get a quick overview of the current pick rates for all the Legends in Season 16. Taking a quick look you can see that Wrait, despite previous nerfs, has made her way up the charts and claimed the top spot, but that doesn't mean that the Legends below her arent worth trying out. 

Character Pick Rate
Wraith 12.7%
Octane 11.1%
Pathfinder 11%
Bangalore 7.4%
Bloodhound 7%
Lifeline 5.4%
Valkyrie 4.6%
Horizon 4.6%
Loba 4.5%
Ash 3.5%
Fuse 3.2%
Mirage 3%
Mad Maggie 2.7%
Catalyst 2.4%
Seer 2.3%
Wattson 2.2%
Vantage 2.2%
Caustic 2.2%
Revenant 1.9%
Crypto 1.8%
Gibraltar 1.6%
Rampart 1.4%
Newcastle 1.3%
Apex Legends Season 16 Pick Rates listed below
Below you can see the pick rates for all Legends in season 16. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

As mentioned previously, Wraith along with Octane and Pathfinder are still duking it out for the top spot this season, but Wraith is still the fan favorite. Rampart is still struggling and has dropped to 21st (1.5%), while Newcastle has dropped to 23rd (1.3%). 

Crypto, on the other hand, has risen from the bottom three to 19th place in Season 16. Then we have Mad Maggie who was the ideal addition for more in-your-face play, but her popularity rapidly dwindled as her drill charge was nerfed. She hasn't gained as much pick popularity since then and it will likely take a huge buff for her to climb her way back up. 

Apex Legends Season 16 notable legend Catalyst
Although she's only just arrived, Catalyst appears to be a solid pick for players wanting to try something new. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Lastly, we have Catalyst, the newest Apex Legends character, who debuted in season 15. What's fascinating is that she's already in the center of the pack, looking well-balanced right out of the gate, so she may a solid pick if you're looking to try a new Legend this season or even to explore once season 17 drops.