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Apex Legends Reveals New Legend Called "Alter"

Apex Legends' newest Legend is named Alter.
Apex Legends Reveals New Legend Called "Alter"

Apex Legends has revealed its newest Legend, Alter. Alter is known as the Void Breacher and is from another dimension. She brings with her into the ring "interdimensional traveling Void tech" and a fun, rambunctious personality. Although she's a bold individual, she's also a mysterious one, with her age and home world being unknown. She's also got some mysterious facial scars that are highlighted in the new trailer.

Here's everything we know so far about Apex Legends' newest Legend, Alter, including her power, abilities, release date, and more.

Alter Powers & Abilities

So far, there's no official information on Alter's role in the game or her powers, but that's sure to come soon as her reveal trailer came out today.

What we do know from leaks, though, is that Alter's tactical power will be Void Passage. By using this, she can create portals to move through surfaces. Her Ultimate is Void Nexus, which makes a regroup point where allies can come back to by creating a phase tunnel. 

Alter Release Date

Alter will likely join the game on 7 May, which is when Apex Legends Season 21 is set to begin. This means players won't have to wait much longer to try out this brand new legend and see her in action.

Alter Release Trailer

We get our first look at the new Legend Alter in a cinematic trailer from the Apex Legends team. The trailer not only shows off her appearance, but also some hints as to her backstory and powers.

You can check out Alter's reveal trailer here: