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Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection: All New Revenant Abilities

With Season 18 of Apex Legends, Revenant is undergoing some major reworks. Here are all of his brand new abilities.
Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection: All New Revenant Abilities
Respawn Entertainment

Respawn have been committed to brining some exciting changes and refreshes to Apex Legends across its past few seasons. Following the great Class rework of Seaons 16, we've seen Respawn go from strength to strength to give Apex some special care. Now, in Season 18: Resurrection, one Legend is getting a full rework — Revenant. 

As part of Resurrection, Revenant will be unlocked for all players throughout the season. Players can complete various challenges by using Revenant across Season 18 in order to unlock him permanently. The reason? This Legend is playing a crucial role in the season's lore. Revenant is experiencing some glitches, and some unexpected changes. All of his abilities have been removed and replaced with some sinister new ones, meaning players will have to adjust their strategy to make the most out of this reworked Legend.

But, to help you get an edge on the competition, we've broken down all of Revenant's new abilities so you know exactly what sort of kit you'll be working with.

Apex Legends Season 18 Revenant Reborn: Passive, Tactical, Ultimate

Something sinister has happened to Revenant... (Picture: Respawn)

Revenant will have the following abilities in Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection, and in the seasons to come:

Passive: Assassin’s Instinct

  • Highlight nearby visible enemies who are low on health. You crouch walk faster and have improved wall climbing.

Tactical: Shadow Pounce

  • Unleash a powerful pounce forwards. Hold to charge for farther distances. In a Press Q&A, Respawn confirmed that the jump distance for Shadow Pounce will be roughly the same as Octane's Launch Pad. 

Ultimate: Forged Shadows

Forge a shroud of hardened shadows around you that blocks direct damage and regenerates after breaking. Your shadows and tactical are refreshed on knockdowns.

Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection will go live on August 8, 2023. This reworked version of Revenant will be available from the start of the season for all players, with the chance to unlock him permanently through in-game challenges. Be sure to check out the gameplay reveal trailer below for a glimpse at what's to come.