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Apex Legends Threat Level Event: Legendary Cosmetics Revealed

The next event to hit Apex Legends, Threat Level, is coming in just a few days time. Respawn have revealed the new Legendary cosmetics which players will be able to get their hands on for a limited time.
Apex Legends Threat Level Event: Legendary Cosmetics Revealed

Respawn Entertainment have announced Apex Legends Threat Level, coming to the battle royale later this month on May 23, 2023. In preparation for the new event, Respawn asked the community to vote on which mode will be taking center stage for the event's two week duration. The choices consisted of Control, TDM, or Gun Run. Unsurprisingly, Control won the popular vote and will now be front-and-center during Threat Level. 

But, if you're one of the few sad to see TDM and Gun Run lose out, both modes will be heading into Mixtape alongside TDM-Unshielded. 

While LTMs and playlist updates are all well and good, it's the event cosmetics that really capture a player's imagination. Heading into the spotlight this time are a selection of Legendary skins inspired by galactic themes. Each of the Legendary skins carries a strong color theme of gold, blue and purple.

The skins aren't just for your favorite Legends. The theme also extends to weapons skins, so you can fully kit yourself out in the shiniest of galactic armor. 

Apex Legends Threat Level Event: Legendary Cosmetics Revealed

Six Legends will be receiving Legendary skins during the Threat Level event. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

The following Legends will be receiving Legendary skins during the Apex Legends Threat Level event:

  • Wraith
  • Pathfinder
  • Ash
  • Caustic
  • Fuse
  • Horizon

Newcastle will receive an Epic skin during the event.

Players will be able to purchase these skins via special bundles, available in the in-game store from May 23 to June 6. Each bundle includes a Legendary skin for a Legend, weapon skin, and additional cosmetics (with the exception of Newcastle's Epic-tier Gilded Guardian Bundle). 

Apex Legends Threat Level Event Legendary Cosmetics Bundles: Full List, Price

The Threat Level cosmetics will be available in the Store until June 6. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

The following bundles will be available to purchase during the event:

  • Phantom Phaser Bundle - 2,950 Apex Coins
  • Deep Space Scientist Bundle - 2,950 Apex Coins
  • Gilded Sentinel Bundle - 2,950 Apex Coins
  • Eternal Reign Bundle - 2,950 Apex Coins
  • Golden Grenadier Bundle - 2,950 Apex Coins
  • Noxious Nobleman Bundle - 2,950 Apex Coins
  • Gilded Guardian Bundle - 1,000 Apex Coins

Additional cosmetics include:

  • Victorious Vermin - 500 Apex Coins
  • Take Us To Kill Your Leader - 500 Apex Coins
  • The Ol' One Two Punch - 500 Apex Coins