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Apex Legends: Upheaval Brings Back Solos, Introduces Alter

Apex Legends' newest season, Upheaval, switches up everything we know about the game.
Apex Legends: Upheaval Brings Back Solos, Introduces Alter
(Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends: Upheaval brings a ton of changes to the game and how it's played, as well as a new Legend. From Solos returning after half a decade to the introduction of Alter, season 21 is one of Apex Legends' biggest releases in a while. Here are the most major changes in store coming with Apex Legends: Upheaval, also known as season 21 - including a returning game mode, new Artifacts, and more.

Apex Legends: Upheaval Solos

alter apex legends
Alter is Apex Legends' newest Legend. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

The new Apex Legends season, Upheaval, marks the return of Solos. Solos will replace Duos, bringing back solo gameplay for the first time in five years. The game will be optimized for Solo gameplay, with special mechanics designed just for allowing players to excel in this game mode. Lobbies will also go down to 50 players, down from 60.

The new Solos mode will last from 7 May 2024 until 24 June 2024. This means it'll be available for half of Season 21. Since it's replacing Duos, players won't be able to play Duos during this time.

Introducing Season 21's New Legend: Alter

apex legends upheaval alter
Alter has traveled through different realities. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

In addition to the re-introduction of Solos matches, Apex Legends' new season also marks the introduction of a new Legend. Alter is the new Legend for the Upheaval season, and she fits its name perfectly. She upheaves the game's mechanics and creates portals to allow Legends on her team to move from place to place more quickly.

Apex Legends' new Upheaval season is set to bring a ton of new changes to the game, as well as bring back old mechanics and game modes that players love. With the return of Solos, the introduction of new Apex Artifacts, and the game's new Legend Alter, Season 21 is sure to be one for the books. Players have just a few days until it starts.