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Who is the best Apex Legends character?

The hype around Apex Legends may have simmered down since its initial release, but it's no doubt still a great battle royale game that continues to bring out fantastic features and keep players interested.
Who is the best Apex Legends character?

But one of the toughest tasks for players picking up the game is which character to choose – and luckily for you, we've come up with a list, ranking each character from worst to best, so you know which characters to avoid and which ones are essential.

With Season 2 and ranked play well underway, make sure you consult this list before getting into the thick of it. Of course, take everything with a pinch of salt; a lot of this comes down to personal preference, and whilst I may never even entertain the idea of using Caustic, he might be your favourite. I daresay you won't find any two ranking lists that look identical.

10. Caustic


No surprises here, and perhaps contrasting what I've said above, but I think Caustic is unanimously agreed upon as the worst character in Apex Legends. He's incredibly situational and is rarely effective except in the dying minutes of the game, where the close-quarters combat makes his Nox Gas Trap or Nox Gas Grenade can become pretty damaging.

That said, it also impairs your teammates, which would really be a terrible way to lose a game.

9. Gibraltar


The only real tank in the game, Gibraltar definitely suffers massively from his size. Apex Legends just doesn't properly cater to a character of his size, where movement and speed are so important (and, as you'll see below, vital to the best characters). He's a big old lad whose Mortar ability is disappointing at the best of times, but he does also get a personal shield whenever his gun is up. Defensively Gibraltar is solid, but if you get into tight engagements you'll find yourself down more often than not.

8. Octane


Octane is another character whose tactical ability (Stim) grants a speed buff, whilst his Launch Pad ultimate helps the team move away from, or towards, certain situations or events. However, this ability is never quite as secure as using a Pathfinder's zipline or Wraith's portals, making Octane a much less desirable character to use.

7. Wattson


Wattson is very much a defensive character which, whilst this may come in handy occasionally, doesn't really offer much to the team overall. Her Interception Pylon ultimate is alright, restoring teammates shields and destroying explosives, but it's far too situational to warrant using. For a support character, Wattson isn't the greatest option when you've got characters like Lifeline available.

6. Bloodhound


Whilst Bloodhound isn't terrible, he just doesn't really offer a huge lot. The Eye of the Allfather tactical ability allows him to follow targets and see their steps, but it's not really good enough to justify picking it over the characters listed below.

5. Mirage


Perhaps a little higher on the list than most would have him, in the hands of a very skilled player Mirage could be an absolute nightmare. He's not the most powerful in team fights, but his decoys make him a very important character when coming up against other players.

4. Pathfinder


Back in the day Pathfinder was a big broken mess who was undoubtedly the best character in Apex Legends. He's still pretty good now, but not quite where he once was. His mobility is great for traversing around the map slightly quicker, and his Zipline Gun ultimate ability means his teammates can join him when he decides to dip out of a situation.

3. Wraith


Wraith is one of the most popular characters in the game, and you can see why. Her ultimate allows her to create two portals for players to pass through, great for a flank or escaping a losing a gunfight. Her "Into The Void" tactical ability gives her a slight movement speed buff, whilst her small hitbox also makes you tougher to hit – great for players like me who struggle on skill alone and need a little helping hand.

2. Bangalore


Bangalore is incredibly well-rounded and an easy character to use; there's not a whole lot of strategy needed. Her Rolling Thunder ultimate is pretty disappointing when compared to what it could be, but the 30% speed boost from her Double Time ability definitely makes you a harder target to take down – perfect your movement and you'll be a nightmare Bangalore to deal with.

1. Lifeline


Lifeline may not be the most fun to use (not that she isn't), but her abilities make her a staple for any successful team, and one of the trio will have to pick her if you want any hope in competing amongst the best. Even as a solo player, the ability to use all healing items 25% faster and also heal teammates faster will make you an invaluable teammate. If you want to keep your team alive until the end of the game, Lifeline is the best choice.

So, there's my rankings of the best Apex Legends characters – do you agree? Let us know in the comments!