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ARK 2 Has Not Been Delayed Until 2025

Despite the rumors, Ark 2 will not be delayed until 2025 according to the developers.
ARK 2 Has Not Been Delayed Until 2025

Ark Survival Evolved is arguably one of the most popular PC games ever released and whilst fans are no doubt excited to get their hands on ARK 2 ever since it was first announced, an actual release date seems hard to pin down. To make things slightly more complicated, Studio Wildcard has been scaling back updates for Survival Evolved for at least a few years now. To compensate for a slight delay, the developer even announced Ark Survival Ascended, a sort of stop-gap remaster of the original survival game, set to release in August 2023.

Still, people want ARK 2, and recent rumours had suggested that the game could be delayed until 2025. Thankfully though, it seems like those reports were very wide of the mark, as Studio Wildcard has now said ARK 2 has not been delayed until 2025.

Ark 2 Will Not Be Delayed Until 2025

Ark 2 2025
Studio Wildcard refutes the claim that Ark 2 is coming out in 2025. (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

Digital Domain is a company that helps other companies out with visual effects. They do commercials, movies, and video games. Apparently, this company is helping out with the visual effects for ARK 2, as they mentioned it in their financial report on page 17.

The financial report also said they expect ARK 2 to come out in 2025: 

"Digital Domain anticipates being intimately involved in all aspects of the project through the game’s release in spring of 2025"

However, Studio Wildcard has now calmed fan fears of a huge delay in an email to Gamesradar; Studio Wildcard said that the 2025 release date on the financial report is "just a typo" and the game will be released before 2025.

When Will Ark 2 Come Out?

Ark 2 Delayed
Is it possible that Ark 2 can be pushed back until 2025? (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

ARK 2 was originally announced in 2020 and since then, has faced several delays during its development for one reason or another. In a recent announcement by Studio Wildcard, they announced that they are delaying ARK 2 until the end of 2024. That would be four years after the initial announcement of Ark 2.

However, there is a very high chance that ARK 2 will actually come out in 2025. With so many delays happening, it is likely that Ark 2 might get another delay to push it into 2025 as the financial report said. It could also be that early access could launch in 2024 but the full launch of the game will not happen until 2025. Either way, it would not be surprising if ARK 2 got delayed again.