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ARK Survival Ascended Argentavis Location & How To Tame

Find and tame Argentavis easily in ARK Survival Ascended with this guide.
ARK Survival Ascended Argentavis Location & How To Tame
Picture: Studio Wildcard/GINX

Want to increase your tame collection by capturing Argentavis? Here is its location in ARK Survival Ascended and a guide to tame it.

In ARK Survival Ascended, you can tame multiple creatures to help you in your adventures. One of them is Argentavis, a versatile predator which will assist you in hunting, scouting, transporting and combat, making it one of the best tames to have in the game.

However, in the huge world of ARK Survival Ascended, it will be difficult for you to find it and even harder to tame it. However, we have a guide right here for you to do it quickly and easily.

ARK Survival Ascended Argentavis Location

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You can find Argentavis at various locations in ARK Survival Ascended, including the island on the Northeast side of the map, in snowy mountains, and more.

You can have a look at the locations marked on the map below:

ARK Survival Ascended Argentavis Locations
ARK Survival Ascended Argentavis Locations. (Picture: ARK Wiki)

How To Tame Argentavis In ARK Survival Ascended

Argentavis is a furious creature, and in order to tame it effectively, you need to lure it into a safer place where there are no other creatures walking around. Then, shoot tranquillizer until it passes out and use stone dino gateways and door frames to trap it.

Once done, you need to feed it foods like fish and meat, whether cooked or raw, in order to tame it.