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All ARK Survival Ascended Diseases & How To Cure Them

Keep yourself in good health with our guide discussing all the diseases and how to cure them in ARK Survival Ascended.
All ARK Survival Ascended Diseases & How To Cure Them
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In ARK Survival Ascended, amidst the numerous threats that can pose a danger, diseases are often overlooked by many players, sometimes to their detriment. Knowing how these illnesses can be contracted and, more importantly, how to cure them is essential information. 

This guide will delve into each disease players can contract in ARK Survival Ascended and provide insights into curing them if you find yourself sick. Without further delay, let's prioritize your health as we examine the diseases present in the game.

All Diseases and Their Cures in ARK Survival Ascended

As of now, ARK Survival Ascended features only two types of diseases, both falling under the category of contagious diseases rather than non-contagious ones. The distinction is straightforward: contagious diseases can be contracted through carriers and infected individuals (such as other players in PvP), while non-contagious diseases can only be acquired through direct contact with carriers without the risk of transmission (more details on these later).

ARK Survival Ascended Diseases And How To Cure Overview
The diseases in ARK Survival Ascended can easily kill you or leave you vulnerable to other creatures, so be sure to note the cures needed for each one below. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

With that clarification, let's delve into the two types of diseases in ARK Survival Ascended and their respective cures:

Mega Rabies

  • Effects:
    • Draining Health
    • Draining Stamina
  • Vectors:
    • Contact transmission with a Megalania.
    • Bite from an Onyc.
    • (PVP) Airborne transmission from infected Humans and tamed Dodos.
  • Cure:
    • Lesser Antidote or Wyvern Milk or lying in a Tek Sleeping Pod

Swamp Fever

  • Effects:
    • 20% reduction in Weight, Melee Damage, Health, and Stamina.
    • 20% increase in Movement Speed.
    • 50% decrease in Food, Water, and Oxygen consumption.
  • Vectors:
    • Contact transmission with a Diseased Leech.
    • (PVP) Airborne transmission from infected Humans and tamed Dodos. Dead Dodos that were infected still carry swamp fever.
    • (PVE) Airborne transmission from infected tribemates.
  • Cure:
    • Lesser Antidote (Will not work for creatures)
    • Nameless Venom
    • Lying in a Tek Sleeping Pod
    • Upon administration of the cure, Humans and Dodos have immunity from this disease for three minutes.

Note for Swamp Fever: Bug Repellent will render you invisible to Leeches as a preventative measure. However, they will still be aggressive if you attack them, so use this feature wisely to navigate tricky situations.

ARK Survival Ascended Diseases And How To Cure Possible future diseases
Future DLCs may introduce new diseases into the game, so be sure to check back here soon once more content is added to the game. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

It's worth noting that non-contagious diseases were present in the DLCs for ARK Survival Evolved. While the DLCs for Ascended have not been announced yet, it is anticipated that these diseases will make a return in the upcoming DLCs, so once they are released along with their corresponding diseases, we will update this article accordingly. For now, the two diseases mentioned above are the only ones players need to be concerned about.

In conclusion, this provides a concise and detailed overview of the diseases currently affecting the Island of ARK Survival Ascended, along with the methods for curing each one of them. Take these diseases into consideration when exploring areas inhabited by vector creatures, and prioritize your health to the best of your ability.