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ARK Ascended Scorched Earth Release Date and New Dinos Guide

Scorched Earth will be the next free DLC after The Center coming to ARK Survival Ascended.
ARK Ascended Scorched Earth Release Date and New Dinos Guide
Picture: Studio Wildcard

At the time of writing ARK Survival Ascended has only one map at the moment, known as 'The Island' and players are eagerly waiting for the Scorched Earth DLC, which will add the Desert map to the game. Scorched Earth was originally released as a standalone DLC for ARK Survival Evolved way back in September 2016. Naturally, fans are growing curious about how the new map is shaping up for ARK Ascended, not least how it will translate to Unreal Engine 5. Read on for everything you need to know about this map, including when it is scheduled to launch.

When Will Scorched Earth DLC Release in ARK Survival Ascended?

As per the official announcement by Studio Wildcard, Scorched Earth DLC will release on April 1, 2024. It was originally scheduled to be released in March 2024, coming out before The Center map; however, as per the players' demand, devs had to delay it and perform a little switcharoo. You will now get The Center DLC first in February 2024, and both of these DLCs will be available for free to all players.

ARK Scorched Earth Release Time Countdown
59 days, 13:27:33

Will The Scorched Earth Map Be Free For ARK Survival Ascended?

Yes, the Scorched Earth map for ARK Survival Ascened will be free.

Previously with ARK Survival Evolvedthe developers charged fans for these new individual maps and experiences. However, they decided to include all previous DLCs for free in ARK Survival Ascended as a way of rewarding loyal fans and providing a complete experience for the new players.

The only 'paid' element will be a new themed DLC pack which will release with most new maps, providing additional cosmetic items and in-game content. For Scorched Earth, this DLC is called the Frontier Adventure Pack More on that further down).

Scorched Earth was originally scheduled to be launched in Q3 of 2023.
Scorched Earth was originally scheduled to be launched in Q3 of 2023. (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

What to Expect from Scorched Earth in ARK Survival Ascended

Scorched Earth will feature a harsh and unforgiving environment that will test the survival skills of the players. It will introduce new weather effects, such as sandstorms, heat waves, and electrical storms. Apart from this, it will also bring new creatures like the Wyvern, the Rock Elemental, and Manticore. Additionally, there are plenty of new items and resources that will be added to the game, like the Flamethrower weapon, Chainsaw tool, Wind Turbine structure, and more.

ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth Creature Vote Winner

In addition to several new dinos joining the game for Scorched Earth, there's also a brand new dino that was voted for by the ARK community last year.

The Fasolasuchus (seen below) achieved over 49k votes, and will join the game when it launches on April 1st.

ARK Fasolasuchus concept art
With over 49k votes, Fasolasuchus won the Community Creature Vote and will make its debut on Scorched Earth for ARK: Survival Ascended

Will Scorched Earth's New Dinos Come To The Island?

Yes, there's no need to worry. Although the Fasolasuchus and other new creatures will be added to the game as part of the Scorched Earth map, they will also transfer to the OG map, The Island.

What Is The ARK Frontier Adventure Pack?

The Frontier Adventure Pack is a new DLC that will launch alongside Scorched Earth and include a "treasure trove of desert-themed goodies that'll make you the envy of any wasteland wanderer."

For the time being it's still not clear how much the Frontier Adventure Pack will cost, or everything that players will be able to unlock. That said we do know of a few pieces of content that will only be available from the paid for DLC. 

This includes the ability to "Build train tracks that crisscross the scorching landscape" as well as some new western themed outfits (seen below in the image gallery). The devs also plan to release a new dino called 'The Oasisaur' (see below), which was revealed in a recent community crunch blog post.

The Oasisaur is described as "a gentle giant of the Earth, stands as a living sanctuary, offering protection and sustenance to all creatures in its vicinity. With its unique ability to create a safe haven, it shields players from environmental threats and hostile creatures, though it offers little defense against other players. This majestic creature offers a beacon of tranquility on this scorching earth."

That's everything we know about Scorched Earth DLC at the moment and we will update this page once Studio Wildcard announces more information, so make sure to keep an eyes peeled.