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How To Fly In ARK Survival Ascended: Flight System Explained

Take to the skies and explore the entirety of The Island as we discuss how flight works and the mechanics involved with flying in ARK Survival Ascended.
How To Fly In ARK Survival Ascended: Flight System Explained
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Traversing the challenging terrain of ARK Survival Ascended offers various methods, with walking and terrestrial tames being suitable for many situations. However, one of the most crucial modes of travel is flying, allowing you to explore the island, gather resources, or escape tricky situations.

Flying in the game is a vital skill, but it can be challenging for new players, and with the revamped ARK Survival Ascended, some changes have occurred that veteran players should be aware of. This guide breaks down the workings of the flight system, explaining the mechanics of flying and providing all the essential details for successful navigation in ARK Survival Ascended.

How Does Flying Work in ARK Survival Ascended

In ARK Survival Ascended, the ability to fly is a crucial feature that enables players to ride specific dinosaurs and creatures, allowing them to explore the island from the skies. This is essential for reaching challenging areas that are difficult to access on land, allowing players to discover new locations and collect resources in hard-to-reach places like mountaintops, volcanoes, or the snow biome.

Ark Survival Ascended Flight And Flying Overview
Flight is a vital traversal method in the game as it allows you to reach tough areas easily and is often the only way to do so in the early game. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

When engaging in flight and selecting mounts, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, flying consumes a creature's stamina, necessitating periodic landings to allow the creature to recover its stamina. Additionally, some flying creatures are either untamable or tamable but cannot be mounted. To assist you in choosing the right time for your flying needs, here is a list of creatures in the game that can be both tamed and ridden:

  • Argentavis
  • Pelagornis
  • Pteranodon
  • Quetzal
  • Tapejara

Once you locate and tame one of these creatures, your next step is to mount them and take them to the skies. However, there are specific mechanics to be aware of, which will be covered in the following section.

Flight Mechanics in ARK Survival Ascended

In the air, you have various controls at your disposal that you must familiarize yourself with to maintain control. These controls include attack buttons, landing mechanics, and other actions such as carrying or throwing companions. Here's a breakdown of these controls:

Ark Survival Ascended Flight Mechanics Explained
Flying also features various mechanics such as attacking or even picking up items or dinos with your mount. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)
  • Attack (Lmb): Primary short-range attack.
  • Attack 2 / Carry (Rmb): Secondary attack or ability, with most flyers grabbing and carrying creatures.
  • Attack 3 (C): Tertiary attack or ability used by specific flyers like the grab-ability of Wyverns or the aileron roll of Pteranodon.
  • Mount / Dismount (E): Mount or dismount the creature, but be cautious, as doing this mid-air causes your character to jump off.
  • Land / Take-Off (Space): Land on the ground while still mounted, useful for stamina regeneration and "parking" a creature.
  • Stop Movement (X): Halt the creature's flight and keep it completely still in the air, which is helpful for building high structures.
  • Throw Companion (R): Throw your current shoulder mount to the ground.

A crucial point to note in the flying mechanics is to avoid touching the water surface, except for Pelagornis, as your mount will eject you upon contact. Pelagornis, however, can swim on the water's surface, making it the sole flying mount with this ability.

Ark Survival Ascended Flight And Flying Utility
Flying is a core feature of the game, and investing in flying mounts is well worth investing in from the moment you wake up on the island. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Lastly, it's essential to land your mount before its stamina runs out, as it will force it to land abruptly, even in potentially dangerous locations or over water. For extended flights, consider taming an Argentavis, known for its superior stamina, making it an ideal choice for prolonged airborne exploration in ARK Survival Ascended.