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ARK Survival Ascended Gigantopithecus Trap: How To Build

Tame the great apes of the island with ease by using our guide below on how to build a Gigantopithecus trap in ARK Survival Ascended.
ARK Survival Ascended Gigantopithecus Trap: How To Build
Studio Wildcard

The Gigantopithecus is an extremely useful Tame to acquire when playing ARK Survival Ascended, but the hand-feeding taming method required to domesticate them can prove challenging. Fortunately, you can simplify this process by trapping them in one place, streamlining the process, and eliminating the risk of getting mauled to death.

If you've set your sights on a Gigantopithecus and want an easy method for taming one, you're in the right place. Below, we'll guide you through constructing an easy Gigantopithecus trap in ARK Survival Ascended.

How to Build a Gigantopithecus Trap in ARK Survival Ascended

The Gigantopithecus is an extremely useful Tame to grab in the game, and our Gigantopithecus locations and taming guide here, cover the basics of how to find and get your hands on one through conventional taming methods. However, using the trap as described below to catch one makes this taming process much easier.

Ark Survival Ascended Gigantopithecus Trap How To Build basic structure
The structure for the trap is easy to set up and only requires a few resources. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

To get started with building the trap, you'll need fur fence foundations placed on the ground in the shape of a square, and from there, we'll attach three pillar-style doorframes to three of the fence's sides, leaving one open for where our Gigantopithecus will run into. Then, for the final step, we'll place a large bear trap in the middle of the structure, which will stop it from moving and allow us to box it in.

Now for the slightly dangerous part of this strat, trapping the Gigantopithecus, though when done right, you can avoid any injury to your player. First, you'll want to wear a full Ghillie suit to get close to the creature, and then from as far away as you can (to give yourself time to run), you want to aggro the Gigantopithecus towards you.

Ark Survival Ascended Gigantopithecus Trap How To Build Activate trap
Once the trap is set, you simply have to lure the Gigantopithecus into the trap and close it in with a fourth doorway. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Once aggroed, run back to your trap and run around it to the back, with the front entrance facing the direction the Gigantopithecus is coming from. This will kite the Gigantopithecus into running straight into the open entrance and into our bear trap, allowing us to run around the back and close the square structure off with the final doorframe.

The bear trap will eventually disappear, leaving the aggroed Gigantopithecus stuck inside, still looking for the player. As you'll know from our general Gigantopithecus taming guide, the beast needs to be calm before you can force-feed it food to tame, so simply back away and give the Gigantopithecus time to calm down and de-aggro. Once it does, you can sneak up on it (while still in the Ghillie suit) and force-feed it the Gigantopithecus' desired food, which is either berries or kibble, and it will be tamed.

Ark Survival Ascended Gigantopithecus Trap and taming
Once trapped, you simply need to sneak over the the Gigantopithecus and place the desired food into its inventory. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

This strategy is not only much safer for taming the wild Gigantopithecus as you don't need to worry about accidentally aggroing it (since it's intended in this case), and once trapped, you have plenty of free space to sneak up to it and tame it without concern for it spotting you and attacking while you're that close.

So there you have it, a quick and comprehensive guide on how to build an easy-to-use Gigantopithecus trap in ARK Survival Ascended. We want to give full credit for this trap build to YouTuber Sethum, and for a more detailed look at this trap in action, be sure to check out their video below.