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ARK Survival Ascended Ragnarok DLC Release Date, New Dinos, More

Below, we will discuss the release date, content additions, dinos, and everything else we expect to see from the Ragnarok DLC coming to ARK Survival Ascended.
ARK Survival Ascended Ragnarok DLC Release Date, New Dinos, More
Studio Wildcard

As players currently immersed in ARK Survival Ascended relish the experience and existing content, many are eager to explore what lies ahead in terms of new and exciting maps and content. Thankfully, the developers have reassured us that DLCs are in development, and one of them is Ragnarok.

The Ragnarok DLC promises to introduce a plethora of new content to the game, and this has many players excited as it was a very popular DLC in Survival Evolved. So to give you a clear look at what's to come, this guide aims to provide a breakdown of expectations for the Ragnarok DLC in ARK Survival Ascended, covering the anticipated release date, content additions, new dinosaurs, and more. 

When will the Ragnarok DLC be released in ARK Survival Ascended?

At the time of writing this article, we still don't have a confirmed release date for the Ragnarok DLC of ARK Survival Ascended; however, we do have a general window of when it could be released thanks to the roadmap provided by the developers. We suspect that the Ragnarok DLC will be released in late Q3 of 2024, roughly in September of this year.

Of course, we still need confirmation from the devs regarding this date, especially since there have been multiple delays during the development of ARK Survival Ascended, so take this with a grain of salt. 

ARK Survival Ascended Ragnarok DLC Release Date
The Ragnarok DLC is expected to be released in the late third quarter of 2024, which is roughly around September this year. (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

Before we move on, as a quick overview, the Ragnarok DLC will be adding a new map that themes itself after Norse mythology (hence the name, Ragnarok) and is likely to feature the items, creatures, and map locations that we saw when it was first introduced back in ARK Survival Evolved but with a redesign, as well as brand new content that we haven't seen before.

Will the Ragnarok Map Be Free for ARK Survival Ascended?

Yes, the Ragnarok DLC will indeed be available for free in ARK Survival Ascended, and the reason for this is that the developers want all ARK players who already owned the previous version of the game (Survival Evolved) to have access to all the same content in Ascended with only having purchased the base game. The only paid-for features that we'll likely be seeing are for cosmetics and item packs such as the Frontier Adventure pack coming with the Scorched Earth DLC.

ARK Survival Ascended Ragnarok DLC Free map
The entire Ragnarok DLC and map will be completely free for all ARK Survival Ascended players. (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

This additional content will likely be cosmetic as well and similarly themed after the Norse mythology that the entire DLC takes its inspiration from. However, there might be more that we can't predict, so for now, we'll just have to wait and see for more news as we get further into the year and closer to its release date.

What to Expect from Ragnarok in ARK Survival Ascended

In ARK Survival Evolved, Ragnarok added a unique and bustling map of new creatures such as the Wyverns, Iceworms, and Griffins, all centered around mythical Norse mythology. We expect similar creatures to be added in Ragnarok for ARK Survival Ascended as well as new creatures that we likely haven't seen before and of course, returning or new boss fights, all wrapped in the enhanced graphical fidelity granted by the Unreal Engine 5 used to create Ascended.

ARK Survival Ascended Ragnarok DLC New content and details
The Ragnarok DLC will introduce new creatures and items, and the new map will be packed with new mechanics and features such as an active volcano. (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

We will also be seeing tons of unique map features such as the larger beaver dams, an active volcano that spews lava and causes meteors to rain down around it, and much more. The map could have a few more added features, but for now, we'll have to wait until we get an official breakdown or trailer to know more about what to expect.

ARK Survival Ascended Ragnarok Creature Vote Winner

New dinosaurs are constantly being added to the game, and the Ragnarok DLC will be no different, adding the Gigantoraptor as the latest creature vote winner back in 2023. This large theropod sports beautiful-looking feathers, and while we don't know exactly what abilities it will sport just yet, we're sure it's going to be quite a useful dino to take on the challenging terrain and creatures we'll see in Ragnarok.

ARK Survival Ascended Ragnarok DLC 2023 Creature Vote winner Gigantoraptor
The Gigantoraptor is Ragnarok's latest creature vote winner and will be the new dino added to the Ragnarok DLC. (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

Will Ragnarok's New Dinos Come To The Island?

Similarly to how it worked in ARK Survival Evolved, the exclusive dinos to Ragnarok will likely not be available on the Island Map unless you tweak some config files or use spawn commands to bring them in. They might be transferable via Obelisks or TEK transmitters, but for now, we don't have official information on whether this will be allowed, especially for egg creatures such as the Wyverns or the Deino where they don't spawn annually and instead, only their eggs spawn. Again, we'll just have to wait and see.

So there you have it, everything we know so far regarding the release date, content addition details, new dinos, and more regarding the Ragnarok DLC for ARK Survival Ascended. As always, this information is still in its early speculation phase, so take it with a grain of salt until we get official word from the devs, and once we do, you can be sure to find the details here.