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ARK Survival Ascended: Survival Of The Fittest Beta Remaster Announced

Get ready to dive into the battle royale ARK experience as we take a look at the upcoming beta release of ARK Survival Ascended Survival of the Fittest.
ARK Survival Ascended: Survival Of The Fittest Beta Remaster Announced
Studio Wildcard

With ARK Survival Ascended now in full swing, the developers have shifted their attention to future updates and content additions. And while DLCs might be the main attractors, ARK veterans will be pleased to know that the battle royal mode for the game, called Survival of the Fittest, is also well on its way with a beta for the mode being just around the corner. 

If this news has you excited or you're a new player wanting to know more about what this mode is all about, then we have you covered. Below is everything you need to know about the upcoming release of ARK Survival Ascended Survival of the Fittest. 

Survival Of The Fittest Beta Remaster Announced For ARK Survival Ascended

For those unfamiliar, Survival of the Fittest was initially introduced in ARK Survival Evolved as a standalone free-to-play battle royale mode, pitting 60 players and their dinosaur armies against each other until only one player remained standing. It was later integrated into the main game, allowing players to enjoy it at any time.

ARK Survival Ascended Survival Of The Fittest Beta Details
Survival Of The Fittest is a battle royale mode, and its implementation in ARK Survival Ascended will be kicking off soon with an initial beta version. (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

Upon the release of ARK Survival Ascended, the game featured only The Island map and lacked additional modes. However, recent developer updates have confirmed the return of Survival of the Fittest as a remaster, along with other DLCs and updates. The mode will initially be released as a beta to address potential bugs and assess the game's performance with the new features and performance of ARK Survival Ascended.

According to a recent Steam Community Crunch blog post from the developers, there will be a special public PC beta branch featuring the next patch, providing the first look at Survival of the Fittest. This beta will be accessible through a separate branch on Steam, coinciding with the awaited Cryopod update. Players are encouraged to provide feedback to help optimize the experience of Survival of the Fittest within ARK Survival Ascended.

Survival Of The Fittest Beta How To Access
To access the Survival Of The Fittest Beta once it's live, simply follow the steps outlined below. (Picture: Steam / Studio Wildcard)

Once live, players can access the ARK Survival Ascended Survival of the Fittest mode by following the steps we've outlined below: 

  • Open your Steam Library and right-click on Ark Survival Ascended, then click "Properties"
  • Navigate to the "Betas" tab on the menu that will have appeared.
  • Select the proper beta branch from the Beta participation drop-down.

While uncertainties about the mode's performance persist due to issues with the base game since its launch, there is hope that Studio Wildcard can meet fan expectations and enhance the overall experience of ARK Survival Ascended with the reintroduction of Survival of the Fittest.