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How To Tame Bees and Farm Honey In ARK Survival Ascended

Embrace the role of a prehistoric beekeeper with our guide on how to tame bees and farm honey in ARK Survival Ascended.
How To Tame Bees and Farm Honey In ARK Survival Ascended
Studio Wildcard

Bee taming and honey collection have been consistent features in previous ARK titles, and ARK Survival Ascended follows suit. Bees and the resulting honey serve various purposes in the game, making it crucial to know how to acquire them.

If you're eager to acquire bees and their sweet honey in the game, look no further. The following guide will detail how bee taming and honey farming work in ARK Survival Ascended.

How To Tame Bees in ARK Survival Ascended

To initiate the bee-taming process in ARK Survival Ascended, comprehensive preparation is vital. Obtain bug repellent, accessible at level 16 and crafted from Citronal, narcotic, pelt, and rock carrot. 

Ark Survival Ascended How To Tame Bees Equipment
When taming the queen bee, using a Ghillie suit or bug repellant will make it far easier and less dangerous. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Optionally, bug spray may be discovered in supply drops. Taming food choices include rare flowers or simple kibble. Equip medical brews for potential stings and carry cooked meat for healing. For a stealthy approach, consider donning Ghillie attire to reduce visibility to worker bees.

Once adequately prepared, the quest for loose bees can commence. These may be found in various locations, including around the green obelisk, along left-hand side cliffs, near waterfalls, and within canyons. Utilize bug spray to approach the queen, offering either rare flowers or simple kibble for taming. 

Ark Survival Ascended How To Tame Bees Queen Tame
Once the queen is tamed, you can store her in your inventory to place at your base for easy honey farming. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Remain vigilant for stings, manage debuffs, and use the Taming Tracker to monitor progress. After taming the queen, interact with her to collect (stored as a beehive in your inventory) and bring her back to your base.

How To Farm Honey in ARK Survival Ascended

Honey farming in ARK Survival Ascended involves a strategic approach to beehives. Once a hive is acquired, it can be placed on the ground, foundations, or other structures. To maintain bees and induce honey production, ensure rare flowers are kept in the hive's inventory. Access the hive inventory while wearing Ghillie or using bug repellent to avoid stings.

Ark Survival Ascended How To Farm Honey Rare Flower
After placing the hive, you'll need to fill it with Rare Flowers for the bees to consume and produce honey. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Honey, once obtained, proves to be a versatile resource with numerous applications in the game. It serves as a preferred taming food for specific creatures and can act as bait when thrown to attract and calm creatures in the vicinity. 

Additionally, honey is a crucial ingredient for crafting extraordinary kibble and sweet vegetable cake, both valuable items in the ARK Survival Ascended world. Its versatility extends to being premium bait for fishing, effective on both CICS and saber-tooth salmon.

Ark Survival Ascended How To Farm Honey Rare Flower
Honey will be produced in the hive passively over time, giving you an infinite source as long as you have enough Rare Flowers to feed the bees. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Mastering the art of honey farming not only ensures a steady supply but unlocks various possibilities for survival and advancement in the game. Now, you possess the knowledge of how to not only tame bees but also farm them for their extremely useful honey in ARK Survival Ascended.