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ARK Survival Ascended Queen Bee Locations | The Center

Get your hands on that sweet honey as we show you how to locate the Queen Bees in ARK Survival Ascended The Center.
ARK Survival Ascended Queen Bee Locations | The Center
Studio Wildcard

As with the previous maps in ARK: Survival Ascended, The Center features a variety of classic creatures and dinos that are essential for your survival and crafting needs. One such creature is the large Queen Bee, which is responsible for producing extremely useful Bee Honey.

Of course, before you can get your hands on the honey, you'll need to find a Queen Bee first. If that's on your checklist, keep reading. Below, we will show you exactly how to locate the Queen Bees on The Center map of ARK: Survival Ascended, as well as how to tame them for your future honey needs.

ARK Survival Ascended Queen Bee Locations | The Center

Queen Bees and the honey they produce are vital assets for any survivor in ARK: Survival Ascended (ASA), and The Center Map is no exception. Fortunately, the method for finding Queen Bees on The Center is similar to how you would do it on The Island or Scorched Earth - find the bee hives, destroy them, and tame the Queen Bee to put in your base for honey production.

ARK Survival Ascended The Center Queen Bee Locations
Queen Bees, or rather, the hives they inhabit, spawn randomly in the Redwoods. However, this area always contains a few hives, making it the best spot to search. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

To find a Queen Bee hive in The Center, head to the Redwood biome and search the large trees for hives, which are usually attached to the sides. The spawn area is quite large, so refer to the map image above for a general location. Check the trees in this area and listen for the buzzing sound that usually indicates their location.

For the acquisition and taming process of the Queen Bee once you've found a hive, refer to our Queen Bee taming guide for a detailed breakdown. In brief, you need to destroy the hive using an explosive (ideally C4). When the Queen Bee pops out, wait for her to land, then sneak up on her and press E when you have the taming food (Rare Flowers or Kibble) in your hot bar to tame her.

ARK Survival Ascended The Center Queen Bee And Uses
The Queen Bee can be placed onto your base once found and can be a permanent source of honey for your crafting and fishing needs. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Once tamed, you can pick her up and place her at your base to generate a new hive, which will passively produce more honey as long as you feed her Rare Flowers. Queen Bee honey has numerous uses, such as an ingredient for crafting Extraordinary Kibble and Sweet Vegetable Cake, or even as bait when fishing, making it highly valuable.

That concludes our detailed breakdown of how to locate Queen Bees in ARK: Survival Ascended's The Center map, how to tame them, and the uses of the honey they produce. We want to shout out YouTuber Teachers Game Too for their detailed video that informed this guide. To see the entire process in action, be sure to check out their video below for more amazing content.